Friday, March 8, 2013

More Face

Here's another post about what I do for my face, to make it feel comfortable.  

With as dry of skin as I have, it often used to feel very uncomfortable and tight and flaky and soak up every available drop of moisture.  

I have tried so, so many cleansers and moisturizers on the market that target dry skin, from cheap to expensive, to no avail.  They never delivered on their grand claims that 'this one' was just like a drink of water, or 'this one' would keep my face hydrated all day, or 'this one' would take care of all that dry skin.

Until two years ago!

Two years ago, my dreams came true!

Two years ago, at the end of the line when it came to my face, I discovered:


Yes to Carrots Cream Cleanser!

It really, really does do what it says.  It removes my eye makeup, yet it's gentle.  It's rich and thick and so hydrating.  Contrary to the name, it doesn't smell like carrots at all.  It has a nice smell, and the fragrance doesn't bother my skin.  This stuff is a miracle in a tube!! And if I use it every single day, the large tube lasts for at least 6 months.  I think it was no more than $14.

I also discovered: 

Yes to Carrots Daily Moisturizing Cream.

Oh, it's truly a drink of water for my thirsty skin! It really does moisturize my skin.  It actually delivers moisture all day! I don't use foundation, but I do use Bare Minerals face powder and it can be drying, but on top of this moisturizer, my skin doesn't get dry at all anymore.  It's a thick moisturizer meant for those with dry skin.  I've been using it for two years now and I just simply won't use anything else.  It's so good for my skin too, since there isn't anything funky or weird or harmful in these products.  The moisturizer cream is usually around $10 and lasts for over 6 months also, since you only have to use a tiny bit because it's so rich and creamy.

A little extra tip for you:

Sometimes, if my skin feels really, really dry and tight, I get a tablespoon of brown sugar and mix it a bit with my cleanser. I don't mix it to much or to vigorously, as I don't want the brown sugar crystals to dissolve before I use it on my face.  I scrub my face with the brown sugar/carrots cleanser and it does wonders to remove the dead skin and roughness! I can't even calculate how much money this has saved me on buying expensive scrubs and sloughers! And I can't even calculate how much this costs, because what does a tablespoon of brown sugar cost?? 

So now you can see some more of what I do for my skin.  I actually ran into an old friend from over 20 years ago whom I used to work with, and she said she couldn't believe how well my skin looked for my age! She said I didn't even have any wrinkles!! She said I looked great.  And gals, let me tell you a bit of a secret: I haven't used sunscreen for more than 25 years!!!  I don't have fair skin at all, it's more of a light tan/ peachy color.......And she said my skin looked great......bless her heart!!

What cleansing and moisturizing products do you love??

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Erin said...

The Yes to Carrots sounds intriguing--perhaps I'll give it a try! We are leaning more and more towards all-organic in what we eat, and that is pushing me towards thinking organic with the products that I buy. Thanks for the tips!