Sunday, March 3, 2013


Here's a small look at what I'm currently, right this minute, doing:

Drinking: I'm currently drinking a glass of water.  I know, you waited and waited for a new post from me, just to learn that!!

Listening to: I'm currently listening to the sounds of my girls stirring in their beds, waking up. I can hear Russell, sleeping heavily, even at this hour.  I can hear the fan in my room that creates soothing, white noise so that Pennie sleeps better.  I'll be waking everyone up pretty soon to get ready for church.

Wanting: I'm currently wanting all of the cute little Gymboree outfits for Pennie, who currently has almost NO clothing, on my eBay Watch List.  eBay is the place where I have gotten almost all of my Gymboree outfits.  I'm kind of a Gymboree freak, and I like outfits.  I'm currently starting to match Lucie and Pennie's outfits, just because I think it is absolutely adorable! I'm also wanting to go back to Tar-jay for another shopping trip because I absolutely LOVE their everyday cardigans and their everyday V-neck shirts.

Looking forward to: I'm currently looking forward to my husband's day off on Thursday, so we can go to the Big City and get some stuff we've had our eye on for quite some time now.  Whether it will be a Whole Family Trip or a Date Trip, we will see.....I'm SO excited, either way!!

Reading: Okay, my son recently started reading Clive Cussler books.  He writes spy novels with the same main character.  When I read the first two books, I was hooked and thought he was a fabulous author.  But now, on my third book, I'm starting to not want to read him anymore.  I'm really strict about what I read, according to 'whatever is pure, noble, true, just, excellent, praiseworthy, virtuous and lovely....' and I'm becoming more strict as I begin to understand more what this verse means.  I want to honor the Lord in everything I do, so I'm kind of leaning away from Clive Cussler. In addition, I'm also reading "So Much More" by Anna-Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin.  It's a book for young ladies about Biblical ways to conduct yourself and I try to read a chapter to the girls every night.  Also, Lucie, Pennie and I are currently loving "Little Blue Truck" books by Alice Schertle and "Walter the Baker" by...hmm...I can't find the book and I forgot the author!! 

Watching: As a family, we're currently trying to watch a documentary called "World War Two in HD".  With just the girls in the family, we just got done with BBC's "Wives and Daughters", which we girls absolutely LOVED! 

Feeling: I'm currently feeling glad that it's Sunday and we get an entire day to relax with Daddy.  I'm wondering if I'll be staying home from church with Sofia today due to a bad cold that's just now easing its hold on her. 

Hoping: I'm currently hoping and praying for a couple of dear friends who are pregnant, one who is 5 months and one who just found out, who have experienced much loss in their pregnancy journeys.  I'm hoping that God sees fit to allow these babies to live in their parents' arms.  I'm also hoping that we may someday be blessed with another baby too.

So there you have it! All of the "currentlies" in my life! Now it's your turn! What are you currently doing? 


My Little Warriors said...

Raising children.. it's been a specifically busy time as we are working through transitiion times with Daniel... we are all learning sign language so that he has a fast and easy way to communicate with us that we can all understand. I miss you friend.. hopefully things will calm down here and i will be able to visit soon!

Erin said...

The girls are fans of "Little Blue Truck", and Delia likes to hurriedly flip to the final page so that she can belt out, "BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!' ;)