Wednesday, March 13, 2013

40 Things

Just for pure frivolity and fun, here are 40 things that nobody knows about me:

1. I have never been on a roller coaster in my entire life.
2. I have never tried whiskey.
3. I hate corn.
4. I am terrified of going to the dentist.
5. I had serious heart and hernia repair surgery in Seattle when I was 2.
6. I can speak some French
7. I can speak some Spanish.
8. I have never played a musical instrument in my life.
9. I would love to have twins again.
10. I adore my wedding ring set and would be devastated without it.
11. I hate talking on the phone.
12. I struggle with shyness.
13. I do not have a cell phone.
14. I have a small collection of cookbooks that I never use.
15. I love to iron.
16. I am seriously inconsistent.
17. I struggle deeply with laziness.
18. I love to bowl but am rotten, really rotten, at it.
19. I used to wear bifocal glasses. I have neither contacts nor glasses today.
20. I want to take road trips with my family so badly.
21. I despise and cannot tolerate jello or pudding.
22. Loud chewing grosses me out.
23. I adore trees.
24. I think the beach and the Pacific ocean runs in my veins.
25. I have freckles.
26. I have perfect teeth.
27. I've never had braces.
28. I've never had a filling.
29. I have horrendous stretch marks on my tummy.
30. The stretch marks appeared when I was pregnant with twins. I call them "cradle marks" because they look like they cradled my girls.
31. I let my children jump on our old, gross, ugly and broken down couch.
32. I love the show MacGyver. Yes, THAT MacGyver!
33. I hate modern TV shows.
34. I am terrified of escalators.
35. I despise computer and video games.
36. I love Pottery Barn.
37. Fudge is one of my favorite things.
38. I have never watched myself have a baby.
39. I am not an organized, perfect, know-it-all Mama.
40. Having lots of kids is SO not as hard as everyone thinks it is!

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