Monday, March 4, 2013


Today I'd like to share with you a cheap, easy way to help your face look its best.

Let the record show that I have very, very dry skin and often my skin looks dull and bored because it's so dry and there is often a build up of dead skin on my face.  

I've tried a lot of store-bought, prepared remedies for my skin, to no avail, and I was frustrated with their lack of deliverance on their claim to help my dry, dead skin. I hated how they all made my face feel, and I didn't like the cocktail of ingredients in them.  I always ended up with burning, itching, red skin.  And the price tags on most of them were way too expensive!

So one day, in desperation, and because it was a really hot day that day, I took the plain yogurt out of the fridge and slathered it all over my face and neck.

Before you think I am going mad, let me tell you that I had read the ingredients on the face preparations that I had used in the past and they all had one common ingredient: synthetic lactic acid.

Plain yogurt has an enormously high content of naturally occurring lactic acid.

I had read that lactic acid really helps gently eat up dead and dull skin.

I pulled my hair up into a clip and pinned my bangs back and then slathered a couple of generous tablespoons of Nancy's Honey Yogurt on my face and neck.  I was very, very liberal.  I even put it in my eyelids and got some in my eyes.  I just used my fingers.  There was no special tool I had to buy to apply the yogurt.

I made sure my whole face and neck were all white with the yogurt.  I left it on for at least 15 minutes.  My face got a bit tight as the yogurt dried.  Because my skin is so dry, by the time 15 minutes was up and the yogurt was all dry, I could see almost no visible yogurt on my face.

I washed the yogurt off with a wash rag and some warm water. Then I moisturized with my favorite face cream.

When I looked in the mirror after washing it all off, my face seriously looked brighter.  It felt soft as a baby's bum.  Seriously, my skin looked new.

And now I use the yogurt mask at least twice or three times a month.  There are no safety precautions because it's natural. It won't hurt your skin or sting it or make it itch or burn or turn red.  It isn't harsh or harmful at all.  

I only use Nancy's yogurt, and I buy the large 64 oz container for less than $6.  The only ingredients in it are milk, nonfat dry milk and honey.  Nancy's is made in Springfield, Oregon, at Springfield Creamery, which is not a super long way from me. I've tried other, cheaper yogurts and they just don't work as well or feel as good as Nancy's.

As an added bonus, God created honey to be a natural anti-bacterial, and it's also a natural moisture giver for your skin.

This treatment feels so wonderful on a really hot day in the summer.  If you live in an area which is very hot or humid in the summer, then I would recommend this facial mask for you.

So there you have it, my less-than-$6 facial!


Erin said...

Well, who woulda thunk it?! Plus, if it gets in your mouth, oh well! ;) What a cool idea! Now I'm hungry for yogurt. :)

Tesha said...

Hummm will have to give it a try. My skin has been really dry lately also. Thanks for the tip:)