Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Weather

If you live in the United States, you know that it's getting on toward summer, right?

And my question is, how many of you are experiencing and enjoying summer weather right now?

Because let me just say that, here in the's the end of May and not even 55 DEGREES!! It's been rainy and gray for about 5 days now.
To be fair, I'll say that last week, for over a week, we had gorgeous, sunny, warm weather, and it was fantastic enough for us to get some of of our veggies planted!And let me just say that half the time, it's even raining on the 4th of JULY!!!  

And today, right now, out my window, it's POURING down rain!

During the warm weather we had, the girls and I cleaned out their closets and put their winter things away.....and wouldn't you know it, as soon as we did that the temperature plunged 20 degrees and it began to rain.....and rain....and rain.....

So leave me a comment and make me drool by telling me all about your weather! Is it hot where you live? Is it beach weather? What kind of weather are you having right now, in your state? And what do you do when the weather gets sunny and beautiful? Do you have humid summers? Do you have dry summers? Come on, let me know!!

Sigh.  I guess days on end for months on end of rain is the price we Northwesterners have to pay for lushness and fertile green-ness all throughout our region!


Erin said...

It is amazingly windy and about 85 degrees in good ol' Oklahoma today...where the wind comes sweeping down the plains quite regularly. ;)

Tesha said...

So true no rain here but soon everything will be dead and brown icky:(

Kathryn said...

It will be in the high 80's here tomorrow, and possibly 90 by Monday. Definitely beach weather. We're looking forward to our vacation on the beach in a month or two. I LOVE summer!

EEEEMommy said...

I've been praying for rain all month.