Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Books

I love to read.

I cannot remember a time when I did not know how to read.  It seems to me that I have always loved to read.  I started out liking books, and very quickly became addicted to books.  I cannot tell you how many books I've read in my lifetime, nor how many authors I've read.  I'm a very fast reader, and I have been known in the past to read two books a day. To me, books are the only friends who are always there and will never let you down. They give without taking and can be anything you want them to be! You can visit and revisit them at will.  They last forever and you can pass them along to others too!

My favorite author has to be Jan Karon.  Have you heard of Jan Karon? I discovered Jan Karon probably about 10 years ago, when I spotted a book in a store with a gorgeous dust jacket, and on the back was a beautiful picture of its author.  The book was called "At Home in Mitford", and, since I simply adore hardback books, I bought it.  Thus began my love for and obsession with all things Jan Karon.  Her books are sweet and beautiful and poignant and sharp and insightful and took me by surprise.  I mean, when you set out to read a work of fiction, are you solely hoping to be entertained? That was my aim, before I found Jan Karon.  Her books about the fictional town of Mitford, North Carolina totally changed my view of what my goal was in the pursuit of reading novels.  The life and times of Father Timothy Kavanaugh, and susbsequently, the dear people in his life, have taught me so much, as a Christian and as a person in general.  I remain surprised at how very much I gleaned, and continue to glean, each time I read the Mitford series.  I believe that I have all of Jan Karon's books now. 

And just so you know, my passion is first edition hardbacks, and a lot of my books by Jan Karon are first edition hardbacks.  Yes, I will pay the higher price for a hardback book.  I look with fondness and love on my little bookcase where all of my tomes rest quietly, waiting to be visited again.  And I do read and re-read my books. 

Another book by Jan Karon that is very special to me is "Patches of Godlight".  This is a collection of quotes, journal entries and scripture references compiled, over the years by Father Tim.  I carry this book with me. I know, it's slightly strange, but I do claim a few eccentricities! This book is a wealth of wisdom and I've used this wisdom on a number of occasions. 

Some other authors I love are Jane Kirkpatrick and Ruth Bell Graham.  I deeply admire Ruth Bell Graham.  Hers was a daunting life as first the daughter of a medical missionary in China, and then as wife to one of the most well-known preachers of all time.  I tell you, there are those whom you wish could just go on living on earth eternally, and for me, Ruth Graham was one of those! I don't always agree with her spiritual philosophy, but she was the glue that held her family together.  She was everything and all things to her family.  And she was also wise and insightful and honest and deep, and funny!.  It'll be exciting to sit with her and be able to talk things over in Heaven someday!

I do read Agatha Christie also.  I like Lillian Jackson Braun.  These are authors I've been able to share with my beloved mother-in-law.  Our family would go out to their farm close to the river and I'd sit and read her books for hours while the kids made cookies and roller skated in the house and frolicked on their 46 acres.....those were precious days and I cherish those memories.

So, reading is my favorite thing to do.  I always keep a notebook or journal close to hand when I'm reading, just in case some savvy quote or bit of insight catches my fancy.  I love to write too, and I wonder, are all writers prolific readers also?

Who are your favorite authors? Do you have a book you love that I ought to read? Tell all!


Tesha said...

I love to read my favorite authors are Brennan Manning and Francine Rivers!

The Graber's said...

My two favorites are Janette Oke and Lynn Austin. If you have not read Refiner's Fire series by Lynn Austin, I highly recommend it.

EEEEMommy said...

Charles Martin. Wrapped in Rain was the first of his that I read, and I love it best. Chasing Fireflies is also fabulous. I haven't been disappointed by any of his books actually.

Another favorite author is an old Indiana author, Gene Stratton Porter, famous for Girl of the Limberlost. Laddie is my favorite of hers.

Francine Rivers is stellar too. I love The Mark of the Lion trilogy and Leota's Garden. Her most recent books about mothers and daughters were not the easiest to read. They picked at wounds in my own heart, but they brought great understanding and healing as well.

I pray that you are well. I don't get on to read blogs much anymore.

Grace and Peace,