Wednesday, March 21, 2012

For Sale

Does anyone out there use A Beka curriculum?

We actually have used the A Beka curriculum for our lower grades, starting with first grade.  We usually use the curriculum up until third grade, and then we branch out and pick and choose our curriculum from a variety of sources.

We have most of the A Beka readers from first through sixt grades.  They are sitting on my dining room table taking up space.  We no longer use them.

Would you like to buy them?

I'll list each of them here.  Sorry,  I don't have pictures, but I can tell you that they are very, very gently worn but still in fantastic condition.  We take very good care of our books here, since we are an avid reading family! Brand new, each reader is $11.40. I am asking $3.00 per book. I can do a special deal if you'd like to buy more than two. So, here they are, in order by grade:

First Grade Readers:
Kind and Brave
Tip Toes
Stepping Stones
Strong and True
The Bridge Book
Fun With Pets

Second Grade Readers:
Silver Sails
Story Tree
Paths of Gold
Hidden Treasure
All Kinds of Animals
Growing Up Where Jesus Lived
No Longer a Nobody
Sunshine Meadows
Treasure Chest

Third Grade Readers
Better Bridges (small dog-eared corner)
Paths to Adventure
Secrets in the Maple Tree
Worlds of Wonder
Pilgrim Boy
Pilgrim's Progress

Fourth Grade Readers
Trails to Explore
Adventures in Other Lands
Salute To Courage Reader and Teacher's Edition (I'll sell this for $10.00.  It retails for $22.00!!)
Saved at Sea
Liberty Tree
Flags Unfurled

Fifth Grade Readers
Beyond the Horizon
Message of the Mountain (the cover on this one is torn at the top and bottom)
Windows to the World

Sixth Grade Readers
Mountain Pathways (a bit dog-eared)
Adventure Lands
Adventures in Greatness

These are all of the A Beka Readers we have.  I do hope someone out there would like to buy them.  You can email me at with any questions or if you'd like to buy any of them! THANK YOU!!!!


My Little Warriors said...

I may be interested in the year 1 readers.....
Sorry I haven't gotten back to you on flute lessons, I will e- mail tonight!

Gottjoy! said...

Oh, what a good deal! Hope someone takes you up on those. We use Bob Jones and an eclectic mix. Maybe you could list on Veggie Source, if you don't sell them here.