Friday, May 22, 2009


The family went to the coast yesterday. We went to our favorite beach in celebration of Dave's grueling, long, hard CD project being done. It was almost like he was on vacation! It was that awesome. The drive alone is a blessing.

It was a glorious day yesterday. When we got to the beach, the sun was shining, there were hurricane force winds, and the water was numbingly cold, just like my kids like it! We like to go to Indian Beach and it never disappoints there.

Due to the wind, I chose to feed the baby in the car, and well, let's be honest here.....I had just had an outburst of needless rage at my husband and told him to get the, ahem, heck (we all know that is NOT what I said, right?) away from me, which he did. So I was sulking in the car while he was having a fantastic time down at the beach with the kids.

I called him and told him I was ready to come down, only I couldn't make the hike from the car with the car seat and the baby, so he offered to come up and help me, even after I had bitten him headless just moments ago.

So up he came.

A little side story here: there were some guys surfing and they were back and forth between the waves and their cars. They were parked on the side of the main driveway into the parking lot and one of the guys decided he was done catching waves and though he didn't choose to use the bathroom to change his clothes, he was very discreet about getting into his street clothes from his wet suit.

Not so his friend.

So this other guy comes up and starts undressing from his wet suit while talking to his friend. Dave was busy getting the baby into the car seat and I was just idly watching things around me, when I noticed.....

Brace yourselves, people. It gets ugly from here.

The other guy. He had proceeded to take his wet suit pants off and okay, cool, that was fine with me, I thought he was at least going to cover himself while he did it......but no.

Dude was hanging out.

People driving in to the parking lot thought the moon was out at midday, if you get my meaning.

We got a full frontal shot.



Nudity, people.

We thought we were at a nude beach for a second. And believe me, it was NOT a pretty sight.

Does total shock truly convey what Dave and I were experiencing at this point?

I hardly think so.

I was totally mortified and embarrassed. It was almost too much for this provincial, prudie girl!

Our mouths were hanging agog, and we both looked askance at each other.

Naked Man then began to talk to his friend, gesturing and reenacting his wave performance, all the while displaying full frontal nudity.


Thank the Lord the kids were still down at the beach.

So, next time you're in the area and go to Indian Beach:

Beware of nudity.

'Nuff said.


Emily said...

I'm sorry but I'm laughing SOOOO hard right now. It HAD to happen to you....hahahahahahahaah.

Renata said...

My first thought was thankfully the kids weren't there - I can't believe someone would be so open with nudity - my reaction would be exactly the same as yours.

Leingang Family said...

Oh man! Well, at least the trip was memorable. :o)

Duckygirl said...

Oh what I would pay to have seen your face :)

...but at least the kids weren't present!


MarshaMarshaMarsha said...