Monday, May 11, 2009


Just to show you all that I can post about stuff that is not-so-serious, I give you:

My list of things I would like to have. Now this list isn't exhaustive, and it's not all for here it is:

  • Headbands for Lucie. I wish I had a really good friend who had girls so we could get someone's hand-me-downs! Lucie needs headbands in the worst way....we go out and people actually ask me if she's a boy or girl!!!! I looked on eBay and wow, they are sure expensive!
  • Lucie also needs summer clothes!
  • A bouncy seat for Lucie with a toy bar. Right now I just don't have $36-$40 to spend on one.
  • A stroller on which the wheel doesn't fall off!
  • More long skirts for me.....but I don't think I have managed to lose any more weight since Lucie was born....but I still need skirts!
  • Sandals for the girls for summer
  • shorts for Russell
  • A hair/bang trim for Kellie, Hannah, and Sara, and myself.
  • A trip to CA to visit the ol' neighborhood. And the old beach where I spent much of my time.
  • New bedding. Blue, cream, brown and wheat colors.
  • A pedicure and massage
So, does that list look whiney or really needy?? I guess these things are just on my mind....I like to bring my desires/wants/needs before the Lord. Sometimes He has actually delivered things that I had been praying for, specifically, I was praying a couple of weeks ago for onesies for Lu and what happened? A gal who frequents my mom's coffee stand up north gave her 3 bags of clothes to give to me, and I found a few really cute onesies in there! I was also praying for another fleece zip up jammie gown for Lucie and I had looked exhaustively for one, only to find out that they were like $30! Guess what? There was one in one of those bags! So God is good like that, and I know He cares about everything I need or want......

I will keep on praying for these things.....and I will use this post to challenge you all to begin to pray specifically! Pray without ceasing! Pray about everything! He understands and wants to hear about your desires, wants, needs and all that's in your heart. He's good like that!


Christine said...

I had a bunch of headbands for Emily. She hated them. I gave away almost all of her stuff but I might actually have those headbands around here somewhere. I would love to give them to Lucie if I can find them. I'll let you know. I will definitely pray for your needs. :)

Duckygirl said...

Lucie is definitely girlie looking, people just don't take the time to observe before they ask (I think). I've had people ask me that before when the baby was clearly wearing gender colors (like PINK for crying out loud!)

So I'd focus on obtaining the pedicure & massage first :)