Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hello, everyone!

I just popped in to let you all know that I'm thinking about returning full time to the blog-0-sphere, but not tonight. Tonight I have several things I have GOT to get done, such as:

  • Do dishes, clean kitchen, so that I can.....
  • make and freeze breakfast burritos (easy-squeezy) for Dave's breakfasts
  • surf Amazon and see if they have some stuff we need in bulk
  • make my bottled salsa better by embellishment
  • make Thank You cards for people who blessed us with gifts after Lucie was born, which I have been procrastinating about for 3 months!
I'm sure there will be a dozen more things to do before bed, but I'll be back tomorrow, so hang in there! I've got tons of post topics brewing in my head, so stay tuned!

Until tomorrow....

Au Revoir, mes amies!


Christine said...

I look forward to reading many more of your blog posts. :) I hope your to-do list gets done quickly.

Duckygirl said...

Keep 'em coming!