Wednesday, May 6, 2009



I said I'd be back the next day, didn't I??? I guess I wasn't, but here I am!

I titled this post "Happiness" for a number of reasons.......

I'm happy when I walk into my house and see the things we have been blessed with...

I'm happy when I hear the phone ring and pick it up to hear my husband's voice on the other end.

I'm happy that God has blessed me with health.

I'm happy that my firstborn child was a son to carry on the noble and proud Gilchrist name.

I'm happy when I think about my true friends.

I'm happy when I taste delicious food.

I'm happy when I see the gorgeous pictures of my kids.

I'm happy that my mom and I have a great relationship after some years of struggle and angst.

I'm happy that I grasped the hope of Heaven.

I'm happy that my babies that are there never knew any pain and get to sit at the feet of Jesus all day.

I'm happy that Lucie is sitting right beside me gnawing on her fist and smiling at me.

I'm happy to listen to my husband's music floating on the air in our home daily.

I'm happy for the smell of the gigantic bouquet of lilacs that we got from dear friends.

All of these things make me happy, joyful really. I could go on and on, but I want to ask you:

What are you most happy for?


Christine said...

I'm happy about having friends who write inspiring posts on their blogs. I've had a rough day and thinking about everything that TRULY makes me happy lifts the weight off my shoulders. :)

Emily said...

I need to do a list like this...Let's see....I'm happy that I don't have to solve every problem. I can lay them at Jesus' feet and walk away. He's WAY better than me at working out problems anyway.

Duckygirl said...

Beautiful list!


MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

*sigh* That is a breathtaking picture. Beautiful!

The joy of the Lord is my strength.

I even taught the kids that song because it is catchy. And on the days that I'm feeling down or sorry for myself, I can half-heartedly hum the tune and then they will start singing it with gusto.

It's a good reminder.