Sunday, June 2, 2013


My first midwife appointment is coming up on Wednesday at 12:30 PM.

I'll get blood work done, plus we'll do an ultrasound and listen for Baby's heartbeat.

The closer it gets, the more nervous I become!!!!

I want there to be a cozy little baby in there.  I want to see Baby wiggling and waving in there.  I want to hear Baby's heartbeat loud and clear and strong! 

Please, if you remember, please pray for me.  I think Baby is healthy and thriving, based on the way I feel, which is pretty icky.  I know that you gals out there are praying gals, and so, I ask you to pray.  I gain a lot of comfort from knowing that my friends are praying for me, and for Baby too.

We even have a girl name and a boy name picked out!!!

I love this baby.


Theresa said...

I will be praying :)

My Little Warriors said...

You know i'm praying!

Erin said...


My Little Warriors said...

just wondering how it went....