Monday, June 24, 2013


I read this in my Bible study book this morning, and it had a huge impact on me.  

Honestly, I hadn't read my Bible lately.  I hadn't opened my Bible for a very long month.  I had gotten lazy and bored and truthfully, didn't want to put forth the effort of culling the vast wisdom represented in its pages....and that sounds so foolish to me, once written down! Nothing good can come when I am not in the Word daily.

I was reminded again of Romans 8:35-39, which I've read countless times, but you know how you go through day-to-day life and you forget those scriptures that you highlighted or copied down or wrote on index cards?? 

I had forgotten Romans 8:35-39.....we are more than conquerors.......

But it came back to me in a new and deeper way, and I prayed that Christ would carve it deep into my heart so that I could remember in a new way.

I wanted to share this word picture with you.  I felt that someone out there needed to hear this.

"The best steel is subjected to the alternatives of extreme heat and extreme cold.  In cutlery you will notice that the knife blades are heated and beaten, and then heated again and plunged into the coldest water, in order to give them the right shape and temper.  You will also observe a large heap of rejected blades, rejected because they would not bear the tempering process; when put upon the grindstone, little flaws appeared in some that, up to that point, had seemed perfect.......

Souls are heated in the furnace of affliction, plunged into the cold waters of tribulation, and ground between the upper and lower stones of adversity and disaster.  Some come out ready for the highest services; others are unfit for any but the lowest uses......

Be still in the Hands of God until He tempers you.

'Stop now!' says the knife-blade to the Cutler. 'I have been in the fire often enough! Would You burn the life out of me?'

But again it goes into the glowing furnace and is heated to white heat.

'Stop hammering! I have been pounded enough already!'

But down comes the sledge.

'Keep me out of this cold water! One moment in the fiery furnace, and the next in ice water! It is enough to kill me!'

But in it goes.

'Keep me off the grindstone! You'll chafe the life out of me!'

But the blade is made to kiss the stone until the Cutler is satisfied.

Now see! You may bend it double, yet it springs straight as an arrow.  It is as bright as polished silver, hard as a diamond, and will cut like a Damascus blade.  It has been shaped, tempered and polished.  It is worth something.

Be still and let God temper and polish you, and you will be worth something too.  Allow yourself to be prepared for usefulness.  He will give you a post of holy renown if you will let Him fit you for it! Be still in the furnace while the Holy Ghost molds and polishes your soul!"  R.V. Lawrence

Oh Father!! Place Your hand upon me that I may be still as you temper, shape and polish me for Your plan!

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