Saturday, September 1, 2012

What To Do

I have a problem!

Give me some advice, thoughts, or ideas, okay??

The thing is, a couple of days ago I heard about the Celebrate What Matters Women of Faith conference.  I saw that Angie Smith and Selah were going to be there.  I have both of Angie's books, and Selah is one of my favorite groups.  I got to thinking how awesome it would be if I could go, and I found out that the conference was going to be in a city that was only an hour away from where I live! Well, I knew it was going to be expensive, and I knew I could not afford it, and I got kinda down.  I went to a WOF conference quite a number of years ago with my friend and it was great and we shared a hotel room so we were able to split the cost.....

To make a long story short, I was searching around on the WOF site and I saw a link that said "Want To Volunteer?" and I clicked the link.  Apparently they needed volunteers for my area and I thought, what if I volunteered?? Then I could go for free!!! So, I filled out the application, never thinking in a million years that they'd need me, thinking they already had lots of volunteers.....

Well, the coordinator for my area emailed me to let me know that I had been chosen for the job of usher! I was pumped!!!!

And then.....I came back to earth!

How would I get there? Where would I stay? How was I going to afford a hotel room? I was going to have to drive there by myself?? Wow.  It's a really big city and I've never driven in that city and I don't have a single shilling for a hotel room!!!!

See, I often think about doing things before I analyze the whole situation.  Looking at the whole situation usually stops me from doing foolish things, but this time, I guess it didn't.

It's like this: I so desperately wanted to go to this conference that I basically covered my eyes and just jumped into it without planning first.  So now I'm in this situation and I really want to help and volunteer.....but I just don't know if I can!

I lack funds for a hotel room.  I have to be there before 3:45 PM on Friday and at 7 AM on Saturday.  I must stay till after 5 PM on Saturday.  I have not the foggiest clue as to how to get to the arena in which the conference is being held.


I think God has something for me there.

I want to be in an environment with beautiful worship and deep preaching.  

I want to do this thing.

Truthfully, driving in the Big City frightens me! I've never really driven in a Big City.

And, the clincher: I jumped into this whole thing without telling my husband I was going to do it.  I didn't tell him about it beforehand.  I filled out the application without asking his advice. 

I never do that.


The conference is October 5-6.  I have a little over a month to figure out this problem.

If you have any wisdom for me, I'd appreciate it if you left me a comment!


My Little Warriors said...

maybe you should talk to a friend who loves you dearly and would possibly be interested in it as well who lives near you??? :) maybe that friend grew up in a big city and doesn't mind driving and maybe her husband just happens to have the friday night off.... hmmmm.....

My Little Warriors said...

i noticed that you may be eligable for two free registatrions. Can you e-mail the cordinatior and explain to her your situation and that you need someone to drive and to stay with you so would it be possible that the person who does that would get free admission? Just a thought....

My Little Warriors said...

and then if that person gets free admission they wouldn't mind spliting the hotel cost in half...