Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I'm posting today strictly on random things.

Wait.  Most of my posts have an element of randomness thrown in somewhere, so how different will this post be for me??


Just feeling like being random today and besides, I haven't posted in over a week, so it's time for another absorbing, beautifully worded post!

Yesterday was my 19th anniversary.  My husband and I marveled at how quick those 19 years went by.  By next year, our 20th, I will have been married to him half of my life! That seems like such a long time to me but if the flying of time is any evidence, then it truly was so short!

I was craving Wendy's chili cheese fries and a Coke today....even though I do not usually eat that kind of stuff.  I know how horrible it is for me, but man, I still craved it! You can send me tons of kudos because I did not give in to that craving.  I will tell you that whenever I have a craving, it usually takes a force of nature or an act of God to stop me from craving it and giving in to it!

Yesterday I asked Lucie, who's three, where God lives.  She said "He's in church."  And then I asked her, "where else is He?" She said, "He's in my heart.  And God is Jesus."  Man.  Melt my heart over and over again!! So yes, a three year old does have the ability to understand spiritual truths!

I really want to get a pedicure.  I've only had one in my life and that was about 6 years ago, I think.  I'd love to have some daisies on my toes! Unfortunately, that's just not in the budget!!!

The Women of Faith conference is quickly approaching.  I have mixed feelings about it....leaving my kids for an entire LONG day is hard for me.  Yes, I've heard all of the "you need time for yourself" arguments, as well as the "it won't kill you to be away from your kids" mentality, coupled with the "alone time for you is essential".  I know I will be okay and they'll be okay and I'll have a rich and deep time, but it's still hard for me to leave them!

I love sugar snap peas.  I love eating them, shell and all! They are yummy and fresh and crispy.  Try them!

I need some green eye shadow.  I like a teenie bit of drama on my eyes.  I do wish I had longer eye lashes.  That's okay, I'll work with what I have!

My tomatoes are going crazy on their vines.  The only thing is, they're taking their own sweet time turning red! Seriously, on one of my vines there are at least 16 tomatoes.  I do love tomatoes.  I mean, a tomato sandwich sounded super delish this morning! So I hope my tomatoes ripen up before the weather turns unfriendly to tomatoes!

I look forward to when my husband comes home from work each day.  I breathe a bit easier.  Everyone streams out of the house and runs to his car to meet him.  It is precious to see and I know it lifts his spirits!

I'm so thankful that we still have afternoon nap time here for Lucie and Pennie.  It's so good for their little bodies to refuel and they do get so tired by 1:00.  I've adapted our schedule to save some schoolwork until they go down.  We usually do away with nap time around 4 or 5 years old.  But I do take it on a child-by-child basis! 

I do love my blog readers.  I have two or three readers that have become friends, and that makes me happy.  Thanks to those out there who have been reading my blog, and leaving me comments.  I love responding to your comments, and some day maybe we will meet in real life!

Take care out there, and have a peaceful and fulfilling evening!


My Little Warriors said...

by golly.. we have the same blogger background. We must like some of the same things. :) love you friend.

Tesha said...

Happy Anniversary my friend!! Love you and your randomness:)