Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hi Again!!

Yikes! It's been a LONG time since I've posted!! Dave's on vacation, and he's home and catching up on household projects and trying to get his office/studio organized, plus he's trying to get familiar with his new, in light of him doing some work on the house, my home has been torn apart!

We decided to lay a new floor in our kitchen.  We had green and white marble tile, laid like a checkerboard, and let me tell you, that floor was the most dangerous floor I've ever walked on!! Super impractical for a busy kitchen! If I spilled something on it, I couldn't see it, and invariably someone would walk in and walk right into the spill, slipping and falling! We lived with that green and white floor for 9 years before we moved to the country, and when we came back, we saw that in front of the sink, in a 4x4 foot section, the tiles had been completely shattered! It was just time to lay a new floor. So, Hannah and Russell tore up the floor last month and we lived with a bare, dusty floor for a month or so.  Dave put in 16 HOURS NON-STOP, without sleep, working on my floor so that I could have my kitchen back.  It's always interesting and character building to try to live and make your home in only two rooms, without a stove! My husband is a true man and an awesome provider.  During the time he worked on the floor, we couldn't go in the kitchen at all, especially when he was grouting the tiles.  After you grout tiles you have to let them sit for a specific number of hours, usually at least 12 hours.  Zoyks! That was tough for all of us! But we made it and my floor is beautiful. It's a gorgeous, natural looking, light terra cotta tile look with light clay-colored grout. I'll post pictures of the before-and-after, as soon as we find them!!

The next Big Event around our house is.....Hannah's birthday! She's going to be old enough that she can start learning how to drive.  She really already knows how, from driving tractors since she was small! She is going to be a great driver.  I'm excited to see what this next year holds for her.

We absolutely LOVE it when Daddy has vacations! We love having him home all day, every day! However, he may feel differently, as he ends up needing a vacation from his vacation! He'll go back to work to relax!

And, as though the Lord were spilling out bowls of blessing on us, the weather has been absolutely fabulous and fine.  Clear skies, gentle breezes, temps in the low 80's....ahhhhhh, summer has come to us at last!

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Renata said...

Hi Leanne
I would love to see your floor! I know what it's like to live in a half done house ( our renovations have been going on well it seems forever). Lovely to catch up on your news ~ enjoy your summer weather!!