Thursday, July 19, 2012

What I'm Loving

I thought I'd do a post on some of the things I'm loving in my life right now.

I know, earth shaking info!!!

People, it is to me!

So, here goes.

Oh! My goodness sakes alive! I just got some of this gloss, and I simply adore it.  It makes my lips feel so fabulous, smells yummy, and lasts for quite a long time, at least two hours after I put it on.  It's minty and soothing and best of all, the colors are so fun.  I have dry lips, and you can't even tell when I put this on. I have both Hot Shot and Show Off.....I know, totally unlike me, huh? And I never thought I could wear pinks until I had a make over a couple of weekends ago! I'm loving it!

Yes, I did have the privilege of having a make over! I went to Sephora and my make over was so relaxing and desperately needed.  I learned a lot and I finally, after over a year, have makeup again! I really do love makeup and I do love looking my best, and now I can.  

Why did I not know about this blush sooner? It's Physician's Formula, and I think it's called Happiness Booster! It instantly makes me happy, for real! You just swirl your brush around in it and apply it to your cheekbones.  It's a beautiful blend of color that makes you look subtly flushed and glowing.  I'm loving it!

I like Physician's Formula makeup a lot.  It's pretty moderately priced and they have natural ingredients too, and they even have an organic line of makeup.  They have a lot of different bronzers too, and I love that though it seems like a lot of unrelated colors, when you sweep your brush over them, they all blend awesomely and look great on your face!

I don't have a picture for this one, but I love my voice class that I'm taking at our community college.  I got to know the teacher, who is also the director of the choirs at the college, in the spring when Dave and I joined the choir together.  She's really knowledgeable and loaded with talent, but she never makes you feel like she's so far above your level.  She's got constructive comments for everyone in the class.  We all have to pick a song and sing it in front of the class, and there are one-on-one sessions with the teacher, in front of the whole class....which is only about 10 people! Still, it can be nerve-wracking! The one-on-one session consists of singing the song and then working on it with her.  Wednesday was my day to sing, and I was determined to go first! I picked "O Shenendoah" for my first song.  I just want to learn to use my  "instrument" in the absolute best way I can, and I also want to stretch myself too! I'm loving it!

My daughter just told me that this computer doesn't have any pictures loaded onto it!! All of the pictures are on Daddy's computer in the other room! All of the cute and gorgeous pictures I was going to add to this post are on there, and I was informed that loading all of the pictures onto this computer would take a ridiculously long time and overload this computer! Swell.  My post is ruined!!!!! Well....let me tell you about a couple more things I'm loving anyway, okay??

I simply adore Red Leaf Organic Coffee here in my area!!!!!! I mean I really do love it. Anyone who knows me in real life knows I'm a Red Leaf Fanatic! The gals are super sweet and the coffee is the best coffee I have ever had, hands down.  With Red Leaf Coffee here I have no idea why people are still going to Staryuck's.  Staryuck's is not even on the Coffee Radar, in my opinion. Plus, Red Leaf makes all of their drinks fresh, hand made, hand blended, and Staryuck's blended drinks are only mixes with second rate coffee shots.  Very poor, in my opinion.  There's no imagination or creativity at all at Staryuck's.  Can you tell that I'm a Coffee Snob? Anyway, I'm loving Red Leaf!

I love my flip flops.  And comfie skirts.  I love that super sunny, super fun yellow color! I have two shirts in that color.  I didn't think that bright, deep sunflower yellow looked good on me, but I guess I was mistaken on that too! I love light cardigans.  I love flower clips in my hair.  I love Lucy Maude Montgomery books.  I love big, dangly earrings.  I'm discovering and getting to know my own sense of style, after a lifetime of feeling frumpy and awkward.  I guess it only took me 39 years!!! I'm finding out that I'm loving fashion!!! 

So, what are you loving today??


Erin said...

I, too, use that Physician's Formula blush, and I love it! Might have to try the gloss you mentioned. Sounds yummy! :) Fun post!

Tesha said...

Loving you Leanne! :) I will have to try the gloss and blush I love make up and trying new stuff! Missed chatting with you I have not had much computer time due to being out of town.