Friday, April 1, 2011

3 Things

I got this fun idea from my friend Kathryn's blog.....and I thought I'd do it to!! Here goes!

Three names I've been called:

3 jobs I've had:
cashier in a craft store
maid in a hotel (I cleaned the suites)
making tacos in a small town

3 places I've lived:
Huntington Beach
Castle Rock

3 TV shows I like: (I don't have cable or satellite...)
Good Eats
Diners, Dives, Drive In's

3 places I've been:
Mexico, twice

3 places I want to go:

3 foods I like:

3 things I'm looking forward to:
doing something fun with my family soon
making a CD with my husband
getting a full nights' sleep

3 pets I've had:
Ocho (a chihuahua)
Gracie, a blue heeler
Licorice, a black lab

3 entertainers I like:
Celine Dion
Harry Connick, Jr
Michael Buble

3 Christian artists I like:
Charlotte Ritchie
Allison Durham Speer
Marshall Hall

3 drinks I like:
Kona Mocha Big Train with Macadamia nut, blended
Blue Sky Cola
My mother in law's Christmas Tea

3 pet peeves:
the sound of chewing
anyone touching my feet
talking back

3 favorite movies:
Anne of Green Gables series
Little Women
The Sound of Music

3 favorite actors:
Christopher Plummer
Will Geer
The Moore brothers (wait, that's more than three......)

3 favorite actresses:
Kelly Martin
Tyne Daly
I don't have a third favorite!

3 book I like:
In The Company of Others
At Home in Mitford
Home to Holly Springs

3 role models:
my husband
my mother in law
my dad

3 accomplishments:
having 4 of my 8 children without pain meds of any kind
marrying my husband
going wheat/gluten/and mostly dairy free 4 1/2 years ago

3 goals in my future:
getting healthier
being a better wife
allowing the Lord to equip me to raise my girls up to be good wives/mothers (good luck, Lord!)

3 words that describe me:


Duckygirl said...

I don't know who a lot of the actors/singers and such are! I'll have to go look them up :)

Fun post~


Renata said...

This is such fun to read & learn a little more about you. I also don't like my feet being touched -in fact if you want to annoy me touch my feet! I love all the movies you mentioned - such beautiful, wholesome ones! Now you mentioned the cd you are making - please share!!??!!

Mountainsong said...

Hello my Washington State kindred spirit! Congratulations on Pennie! She is as beautiful as the other princesses. Just wanted to say HI!