Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Help Needed

Can anyone out there tell me how to do a header that has links you can click to find out more about me and my family? You know, like the cool blogs that have things like "About Me" "Our Story" "Our Family" and so on, and when you click on them you go to a page on the blog where you can read all of that.  I don't  know if I'm describing what I want very well......but my profile has gotten a bit too long for the sidebar, and I want to put it elsewhere.  I really, really wish I had the money for a custom blog design, but alas, I have no money for that.

So, will some kind reader please walk me through the process to make my blog better??

Thanks in advance!


Duckygirl said...

I think I know what you mean. I added two sample tabs onto my blog just under the header. If you go look and that's what you are wanting you can call me and I'll walk you through how to add it. (I'll email you my #)


Renata said...

I wish I could help - I won a giveaway that's the only reason my blog has those links on it. I hope you are going well - I've been thinking of you.
Hope you find out your answers

Duckygirl said...

See now, you didn't need help...You did it!