Tuesday, May 6, 2008

We survived

We survived!

We actually survived with flying colors!

What am I talking about?

My husband's trip away from home, of course!

It was pretty easy, compared to the two trips he took to Texas two years in a row. Since those were first trips, it was tough.

But now that I'm an old pro, well, things just went swimmingly while he was gone!

I'm super, super glad he's home, though!

He flew in on Sunday night, and I and the kids went to get him. By ourselves!

Some of you may be saying, yeah, big deal, can't you drive? But you don't understand! I'm NOT a city driver! I mean, I drive in my small city because it's easy, I've lived here for 15 years and the roads haven't changed.....but the big city? Scares me to death!

My mom offered to take me. Then we thought about leaving the kids here with Grandpa and going to get him, just the two of us. Then we thought about just taking some of the kids. Then we thought about just letting Russell and Grandpa go alone........my mom is a great one to help out!

Finally I just decided that the fear of driving had to stop! I can drive! I'm a good driver! And the route to the airport is clearly marked. So what was I afraid of?

On Sunday at 9:30 pm, I packed up all the kids and away we went! It was weird! It was wild! It was crazy! My son was nervous! My neighbors, who've been our neighbors for 7 years, must have thought we were nuts! It was dark and I'm not the most eagle eyed at night....

But it was..........freeing and exhilarating!

I made it in one piece!

I had to go through the terminal about 3 times and got cussed out once (I actually razzed the guy!!!), but it was successful.

And it was awesome to see my husband again! I dropped the kids off at the terminal and he saw them while he was waiting for his bags, so he called them to come in and I was on the phone with him when they saw him! It was great.

I feel like a seasoned navigator! I feel like an old salt on the road now......

Only if my navigator, old salt son is riding shotgun!


duckygirl said...

Glad you made it and that Dave's home safe! I've had to become a bit of a city driver, we pick Ian up occasionally and that's downtown Seattle, UGH!


Gayle said...

Kudos on conquering your fear!
Glad your hubs is home. I always feel better when my guy gets home after being gone (which he is tonight actually).

EEEEMommy said...

I'm glad he arrived home safely, and am proud of you for surrviving the week and overcoming the fear of driving. Living outside of Washington, DC was a huge faith builder for me. Talk about crazy traffic, and once I got lost for over 2 hours in the not so safe part of the city. But I remember well that feeling of exhileration when I would brave the trek into the city and survive. And now I cherish the memories of all those places we went that we wouldn't have visited if we always had to wait until my husband could go with us.

EEEEMommy said...

P.S. Do we ever get to find out which movie his music was used in?

Marsha said...

Way to face your fears, girl!

And then I bet you promptly scooted over to let Dave drive home, right? ;-)