Friday, May 16, 2008

Quirky? Me???

I bet you're just dying to know the 6 most quirky things about me, right?? Oh good, because I'll tell you!!

  • I like my van to be spotless on the inside. You'd never be able to tell we have 6 kids by looking inside my van!
  • I love arugula. Most of you probably don't know what arugula is! It's lettuce. I adore it!
  • I never, ever wear stripes of any kind, and I seldom buy striped clothes for my kids. Stripes play weird tricks on my eyes, and I just don't like the way they look on me.
  • I'm totally addicted to pens and paper and Dixon Ticonderoga pencils, with a good eraser on top and sharpened to a point. This is a long time addiction for me. I only like the good stuff though. No Bics for me! My current fave pen is the Pentel EnerGel in purple. At least this silly obsession won't make me fat!!!
  • I love my cupboards and my pantry to be spotless. I hate boxes of any kind in my cupboards! Whenever I can I'll use baskets and containers. It just makes me happy to see order whenever I open my cupboards. (I'm a bit militaristic about it too!) Hey, I never said I was normal!!
  • And the grand finale: I'm terrified of down escalators. So much so that I've actually frozen up at the top of an escalator and almost had a panic attack several times. When faced with a down escalator, I force myself to use it anyway. It's that whole "confront your fears" sort of thing.....this one has never gone away no matter what.
So there you have it. Six things you were just dying to know about me!

What about you?? What's weird about you? Tell me in your comment or post about your quirks on your blog!


Monica said...

I came your way via a comment you left somewhere- I don't know I've lost track. It has been a blessing to read about your life and family- time well spent:)

Something Quirky about me? I wish I organizational quirks, but I do not. However, I must always have lotion and a glass of water by my bed- just in case I wake up dry and thirsty. Nine times out of ten they are not needed, but I sleep better knowing that they are there.

duckygirl said...

I'm with Monica on wishing my quirks were organizational! Mine are just bizarre like using q-tips makes me cough. :P

Hope you are having a good day!


Marsha said...

Really? Escalators? Well, I get dizzy going up or down stairs or escalators and HAVE to be holding on to the railing... even if it's by a pinky. I used to not be this way, it's just gotten worse as I've gotten older!

I think you need to come and organize my pantry for me. I'm a pretty organized person but the pantry.. well, the pantry overwhelms me. The rest of the house has taken so much time and energy and my pantry is weird and too deep... so I can't seem to muster enough oomph or brain power to get it done.

I'll leave the light on for ya while I wait...