Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hello out there!!!!

Here are me and my girls. Do we look sad???
Do you know why we're sad?

Because I've only been getting between oh, zero and two comments!!!!

You people are killin' me!!!

Do you really want to make those beautiful, wonderful girls sad? Do you want to see them cry??

Not to mention what two comments do to my ego!

Is there anyone out there who still likes to read my blog besides Laura??

Come on, people! Throw me a line! Toss me a crumb!



Michelle said...

Me! Me! I read!!! Michelle

Kathy said...

I read too my dear! I'm sorry I don't comment more often. I'll try to be a better blog buddy. Leanne, I just LOVE your hair in every picture you post. It is so pretty. I saw your pic of your hubby. That's such a nice shot of him. He looks nothing like I pictured him. You know how you imagine someone looking one way, and then you see a picture, and it's totally different than you expected. He kind of reminds me a bit of my Andy, so you are right he's a nice looking man. You are a lovely looking couple.

I'll try to more often turn those sad lips into smiles. Talk to you soon...

Love, Kathy

PS...I'm still at the "lounge" if you want to buzz me there!

Melissal89 said...

Hi there!

I found your blog through Heidi at Mountain Top Praise. Just letting you know that others are reading!

In the Sparrow's Nest

duckygirl said...

You know I'm reading...obviously! Feel free to call me, you know my number?


Marcie said...

I read your blog!!!

Tracy said...

too funny! I just found your blog, through A Familiar Path. Your family is lovely and so is your blog!

sumi said...

Ok I'll bite. :-)

I actually just found your blog from the comment you made on the Piper's blog but you just tickled my funny bone.

Actually, I have been wanting to post something like this myself! I get quite a few readers but comparatively few comments and right now the comments are like a balm to my soul.

I wonder if my boys would condescend to pose with pouty faces like your girls? :D

KimC said...

The part about "Ferris" got me. I watched that movie way too many times during my teen years, and I can't help but hear the teacher's voice when somebody says, "Anyone? Anyone?"