Thursday, December 26, 2013

Still Cooking

I thought that I'd better not leave you hanging anymore!

No, Baby Boy has not been born.

He's quite happy in his warm little home.

I saw my midwife Tuesday.  She felt around my tummy carefully and intensely and we were all disappointed to note that his head was probably up under my left rib cage again!


She decided to do a quick ultrasound, and she put the wand on my left rib head!

Baby Boy is head down.  She decided to do a quick and very gentle pelvic exam and I wasn't dilated at all, but my cervix is very soft.....and she could feel his head, although it wasn't engaged.

He hasn't got a lot of dropping to do.  

I'm due tomorrow, as everyone knows.

Since my last two babies have been born in the bathroom, tonight I put a little chair in there, right across from the toilet, with a warm blankie and some things to wipe him off when he comes out.  I also put his first hat and a warm pair of socks on the chair.  I felt the need to put that stuff in there, to be ready.

I don't think he'll be here tomorrow...

But stay tuned!


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Babies come just when they are ready and often when we are least ready!!! I had a really strong feeling bubba was going to be a christmas day arrival! I hope goes well...I cannot imagine having a baby at is great you trust your body so well I would loved to have done so but being high risk no son was five days after xmas...all the best xx

Erin said...

Actually woke up with you on my mind today, and I was glad for the update...even though I hoped you'd gotten to meet little man by now! ;) Prayers in these last days!

csbwhite said...

Praying for you and so happy for you! I hope your husband got your bathroom back into the right condition. I am 38 weeks today and I can't wait. My little girl is breech, so this will be my first breech birth.

Susan said...

He is almost here. How exciting. Thanks for the update. Been Checking in every day to see if the little guy has arrived.