Friday, November 15, 2013


I can't believe that today marks 8.5 months pregnant for me!!!

So, today I'll do a new, 34 week Bumpdate.

Yes, I really AM that big! Please, no rude or mean comments! I've already had my fair share for this pregnancy.

Neither my doctor nor my midwife are ever worried about how "big" I am, so I guess I'm not worried either....although it is almost impossible for me to walk and stand and even lay down comfortably.

Okay, here's the Bumpdate:

How far along: 34 weeks/8.5 months today!

Weight Gained? Yep, I've gained weight!! My ankles and legs still haven't been swollen.  They haven't been swollen since I got out of the hospital, which is really good; this helps me to know that my blood sugar and my blood pressure is right on track.  

Size of Baby: Hmm, I think Baby is about the size of a large pineapple.  Weight estimates are about 4 lbs or so.

Gender: Still a boy!

Cravings:  I've been craving hot ham and cheese sandwiches and iced tea....craving the sandwiches is really strange for me, because I usually prefer turkey! But hot ham and cheese sounds sooo good to me! I haven't eaten one yet, but I've had a couple of iced teas lately, without sugar.

Looking Forward To:  The first time I get to see his face....his first breath....kissing his wet, gooey, soft head....looking into his eyes....seeing my husband's face as he looks for the first time at his second son! I'm also, on a more material note, looking forward to my baby shower tomorrow.  I can't wait to share it with my girls!

What I Miss: absolutely nothing!!

Sleep: I'm tired all of the time.  I go to bed at 10 PM or so.  Most nights I doze a bit before 10 in the recliner.  I have to get up twice during the night to go potty.  I've been getting up to start my day before 6 AM, and I know as labor and delivery get closer for me, I'll get up earlier and earlier, since I get really restless the closer I get to delivery!  I sleep pretty well, when I do, but I have to sleep sitting up, which is the only comfortable position for me! 

Interestingly, right before I go to bed Baby Boy thinks it's time to rock and roll in my tummy, so he starts somersaulting and kicking really hard as soon as I want to get into bed! He's been doing this every single night for about a month.  He always settles down after I've been in bed for about an hour.  He usually wakes up at 5 or so with a kick or two, and then when I wake up for the day I usually go to my husband's desk in the hallway and read my devotion online, and I'll drink my morning vitamin/mineral stuff and he'll really get moving then.  He's on a pretty regular schedule and I know that he'll be on his own schedule when he gets here!

After Baby Boy gets here, I plan on going to bed early and, since my husband is a night owl, I'll give Baby Boy to him to hold on his chest until Baby Boy gets hungry and then I'll feed him and he'll settle down for sleep then.  My husband comes to bed a few hours after I do so this will work out.....but you know, plans do change!!!

I still can't wrap my mind around the fact that I'm going to have a son in a few weeks.  I feel like I've been a Girl Mama for so long that having a boy again after so many years is so foreign to me! Still, I can't wait to hold him for the very first time!!


Erin said...

You're almost there!! Can't believe the end is so close, and I'm so glad you are feeling good (well, as good as one can feel while 8.5 months preggo!). ;) You look happy and glowing, and I'm excited to see your new little man in a few weeks!

Debra said...

You look great! Praying the remainder of your pregnancy is a smooth one!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oh I did a little airpunch!! When I saw your tummy picture!!! Your belly reminds me so much of my last baby I was very big and had heartburn like crazy and could only sleep upright! I was barely able to walk and it was tough,But my fella arrived early and all that was forgotten and I had this fab little guy to get to know...I am so thrilled your so close to the final home run!!! xxx

Tesha Papik said...

Ohhh my goodness I am so VERY VERY excited for you!!! I can't believe you are so close. I can't wait! I am praying for you daily my friend. Oh and by the way you look adorable!!!

Rebeca said...

So exciting!

Susan said...

That is exactly how I looked when I was pregnant with this last baby. It was also baby number 9 for me. I wont tell you how much she weighed until your little guy comes. Praying for you. These last few weeks can be some of the longest.