Friday, May 24, 2013


I don't know about you, but I think pregnancy cravings are so funny!

I mean, out of nowhere you suddenly start craving things that you weren't even thinking about.  Sometimes they're really funky cravings and really weird cravings and sometimes they're even things that you know you'd never eat.

I've always had pregnancy cravings, in each one of my pregnancies.  Some were stronger than others.  I like to see what's going to pop up next and I think it's a miracle that cravings happen, from just a tiny little human being inside of you.

I know that a lot of times cravings can come from a nutritional deficiency in our bodies.  I know that the craving for inedible things is called pica and can be attributed to a mineral deficiency.  But most of the time I crave things that are very fatty and high in calories because, well, to be honest, I often forget to eat during the day, and when I do eat, it's usually on the fly and I usually don't eat it all.  So, I usually crave high-calorie and high fat meals.  I don't make a habit of analyzing my cravings, but sometimes it's fun to!

I wanted to write down some of the cravings I'm having this pregnancy so I can remember them and laugh about them in the future.  Some of them have been so strong they've not been able to be ignored!

So, here's my list:

1.  Mexican food.  This is not an abnormal craving for me, since Mexican is my most favorite food ever and has been since I was about three years old!! However, the frequency of the cravings are interesting and the intensity of the cravings always takes me by surprise. I could eat it every meal, every day.  

2.  Coffee drinks.  My favorite coffee place is over the bridge in the adjacent town, and believe me, I'm not a stranger! But I am trying to ration them.  It sure does help not to have a reliable, running vehicle! Having a coffee drink is relaxing and peaceful for me. I actually try to limit my coffee drink intake to every pay day, which is every two weeks.  I refill my card every pay day.  You know, this coffee craving is sure hard to ignore!!

3.  Mango juice. This one is surprising.  I had never had mango juice before, although I love mangoes and tropical fruit.  My friend came to class one day with a Naked juice smoothie and I vowed I was going to get one, and she HIGHLY recommended the Naked brand of juice.  When I went to Costco last pay day, lo and behold, there were two varieties of Naked smoothies in the cooler!! And one was mango! BE STILL MY BEATING HEART! Gracious sakes, those babies are awesome!! I bought a Mango and a Blueberry one and man oh man!!! It's a new favorite.  I'm going to Costco today and I'll be picking up more.  The blueberry variety is actually a blend of the dark berries and it's full of B-vitamins, and I'm deficient in those.  The mango variety is loaded with Vitamin C, and I think my body needs more of that too, thus, the craving.

4.  French fries and tartar sauce. This was surprising too, because we hardly ever eat french fries at all.  We like to eat organic and really fresh around here, so this craving blindsided me! Last night at 7:30 I was reading a book and fellowshipping with the girls and out of the blue, this craving hit! It was OVERWHELMING! I was floored by the strength of it! So, what's a pregnant gal to do? I begged my husband to run to a nearby fast food joint and get me an order of fries and tartar sauce....only to find out they closed at 7:30! Then I asked him to go to Burgerville to get me some fries and sauce, only to feel a bit guilty about their prices, so I asked him just to go the grocery store and get me some jo-jo's at the deli.....and they were OUT OF THEM!!! The last option was Ore Ida fries and tartar sauce in a jar.  Boy was my mouth happy! I carefully avoided reading the ingredient list and realized that the Burgerville fries would have been a lot healthier of a choice.  Ah well.  At least I have tartar sauce now, and I also have to say that I make a pretty good sauce, when I have all of the ingredients!

5.  And last but not at all least, cucumbers! This one is pretty normal for me, and has actually been the first craving that I've had with a few of my babies.  In fact, it's been one of the first clues that I was pregnant with some of them! I was craving cucumbers yesterday afternoon while chatting with my good friend who lives a few miles up the road, and I didn't have any.  She was so nice to send me one online, just to look at!! I laughed! I'll be getting cucumbers today.  Incidentally, we planted cucumbers in our backyard garden this year and I can't wait to see them growing!!

There you have it.  What kinds of things do you crave during your pregnancy??


Erin said...

Okay, I had to chuckle at the french fries and tartar sauce combo--that's hilarious!! What a good hubby to go hunt some down for you. :) With my first pregnancy, I craved PEACHES. I ate about 5 peaches in one sitting a few times a day. It was nuts. With my second pregnancy, I craved honey mustard pretzels and WATER. I couldn't drink enough water. I guess those aren't so bad! Of course, I "craved" hamburgers, pizza, and ice cream all the time, too..... ;)

Tesha Papik said...

French fries and tarter sauce? Well I love both and together but it must be accompanied by fried fish:) I have been craving homemade chocolate chip cookies however I have not been making them because the last time a did a couple of weeks ago I ate about 40, no lie:) I need to do a pregnancy post with my cravings and so on I just have not had the heart hopefully soon. Praying for the sweet little baby making you so crazy for food:)