Tuesday, May 7, 2013



You guys are the greatest!

I was so blessed and happy to read all of your comments on my post announcing my pregnancy.  

I want to extend a major, huge thank you to all of you who left me a sweet comment on that post.  It's nice to know ya'll are excited for us.

It also helps to know that a lot of you out there are praying for me too.  If you know even a little bit of my history, you know that there has been a lot of grief and sorrow and loss here.  I'm sure you can imagine the fears and anxiety that might plague me....

But strangely, I'm doing pretty well.

I think it's all of your prayers!!

I feel pretty peaceful about this pregnancy so far.  I'm not plagued by "what if's" and I'm not waking up in the middle of the night with severe anxiety.  I was pretty scared in the beginning...I admit that.  But right now, as of this week, I feel that I have no control over this baby, it's God's plan all the way, and fear and worry and anxiety and nervousness is not going to sway the plan.....actually, it's just going to send harmful toxins through my body that won't be good for me OR Baby!

God has a plan for this baby,whether we see this pregnancy through or He chooses to take this baby too.  He is totally in charge and I realize that this week....

I say "this week" because my feelings are subject to change on a dime, unfortunately!

But so far, I've been really, really easy and peaceful and not nervous at all this time around.

I attribute it to all of you who are praying for me!

If you'll let me be selfish, I covet your prayers throughout this pregnancy, and periodically I'll update you on what to pray for too......

Here's something you can pray for: I see my midwife, who has never treated me for a pregnancy before, at 10 AM on May 22nd.  She'll do blood work and she does have an ancient ultrasound machine in her office, and she'll do an ultrasound to see what she can see.  I know I'll probably be pretty nervous! So just pray!! Since both of our cars are broken down right now (the van for the second time in two weeks), it'll be fun to see HOW I'm going to get to that appointment!! :)

On an unrelated but kind of related rabbit trail:

I really want to post more!! I'm going to try to post every other day......the weather is beautiful and there's a lot going on and it's fun to share the pictures my girls take!!

So, thanks SO much for your great, kind and supportive comments! I need you as my cheerleaders right now!!


Tesha Papik said...

I am so happy to hear your feeling peaceful right now. I pray the supernatural peace of God that surpasses understanding surrounds you in this pregnancy! I will praying for that appointment as well! I so look forward to more posting:)

My Little Warriors said...

you know i'll be praying!