Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Let's just jump right in here, shall we?

Yesterday I got a phone call from the local college choir director.  She said a scholarship was available for me to sing with the concert choir at the college.  She dearly wanted me to join the choir as a high soprano, and so, she was making her appeal to me.

Let me just give you all a bit of background, shall I?

You see, I do sing.

I have been singing since about age 6, and I've been in one choir or another ever since then.  Singing is the only musical talent God gifted me with, and I haven't ever really been sure WHY He did!! I simply love to sing.  I've been on one worship team or another over the years, and sung with All State Choir and another elite choir years ago.  I'm always singing.  

I met the college choir director last Spring when my husband and I joined the community choir.  She is small, tiny, but she is a powerhouse! She has a pretty impressive background, and she's definitely accomplished and has had a stellar career.  She's so sweet and such a fantastic teacher.  Husband and I immediately came to esteem her highly.  I also took a semester of voice lessons from her, on her recommendation, and I learned SO much.  She had recommended that I take one more semester of voice and also wanted me to think about auditioning for concert choir, but Husband and I just couldn't swing it financially at all.

So, up to the present, after the Spring season of community choir, my husband and I chose to drop it from our list of things to do because we were simply gone for too many nights each week.  We were just wanting to spend much more time with the children.  We knew we loved to sing in the choir and we knew the choir director wanted us there, but we just had to make some hard choices.

Last month we went to an Opera Gala put on by the college opera students, which she also teaches.  It was a wonderful evening with fabulous music and some really great talent.  Afterward, we met the choir director in the wings and talked to her for a little bit, and she mentioned how I ought to think about auditioning for concert choir, and how they'd love to have me there.  I chuckled and snorted a bit....I just thought she was trying to be nice....

Fast forward to yesterday.

Apparently, she was dead serious and had been thinking about me and having me join the concert choir.  So, she applied for a scholarship for me, and got it. She called me personally yesterday to tell me that she had already taken the liberty of telling the young women, whom I had a fabulous experience with at voice class and community choir, that I was going to join, and apparently, hallelujah's were sung! And she put in a waiver for the audition part too.


I guess she loves my voice and thinks I'm capable of much more.

I'm stunned and bewildered and kind of feeling surreal right now.

But here's a little secret about me: whenever I see a singer perform a beautiful piece, in front of a live orchestra, with the gorgeous, elegant gown, and she just hits the piece out of the park, I've always wished that were me! I've always had that inexpressible desire rise up within my heart and soul.....

I know God has given me this opportunity.  It is only because of Him and by His hand that this door has swung open for me, and I'm walking through it now.

We'll see what happens.


Tesha Papik said...

Oh my goodness that is soooo wonderful I am thrilled for you!!!! God is so good and you better post a picture when you perform a beautiful piece, in front of a live orchestra, with the gorgeous, elegant gown:):):) Yeaaaa good for you!

Erin said...

Wow!! That's awesome, Leanne!! So excited for you!!

Rebeca said...

How exciting, Leanne!
I haven't been around much as our life has been fairly crazy. One of these days I'll get back to writing on my blog too, just wanted to pop in and see how you are!