Sunday, April 14, 2013


Here's another part of the talk given at the conference I went to this winter.  

This part of the talk was the most heart-piercing for me.

I expect my children to not complain, gripe, groan and serve each other with a happy, smiling heart and face......

Yet I often don't do that myself!!


Please read this post and be challenged! Please be thinking through the week about the things you can be thankful for, because like Katie said, thankfulness is like Kryptonite to resentment!! 

Here are 10 things that I'm thankful for:

*My husband lets me refill my coffee card every pay day without complaint.
*I get to live in a state that is so beautiful and so green and lush!
*My kids really do get along well and really do love each other.
*I'm so thankful for Pennie's soft, squishy cheeks and that she lets me love on her.
*I'm thankful for Titus 2 women who are dear, dear friends.
*I got the opportunity to edit my son's book.  I'm so honored and privileged that he wanted me to.
*I love that my kids love my cupcakes and muffins.
*I'm thankful that the Lord is going to make me into more of a servant.  
*Without forgiveness, where would I be? 
*I'm thinking a lot about my son lately, and how thankful I am that the medical technology was there to save his life when he was born.  I'm not a big fan of the medical community or their ways, but I do believe that there is a rare time and place for them.  My son was born early and we didn't know if he would survive for the first 24 hours of his life, and without the local NICU, he'd have died.  Praise God that my son will celebrate his 18th birthday this week!

So, go read Katie's post!

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