Monday, April 22, 2013


Well, it's official.

My firstborn, one-and-only son is now 18.

He turned 18 last Wednesday.

My heart.....oh, my heart!

It is so amazing and surreal to look at my very-tall son and see him grown up.

It is also surreal to be old enough to say I have an 18 year old child.

I never, ever imagined in my wildest, best dreams that I'd have one child, let alone 8 here on earth!

My reality really is a fantastic fantasy! It's made so wonderful by my son, who is really such a gentleman.  He is so loving and protective of me and we are a LOT alike in a lot of ways.  He just finished writing his first book and is now writing the second book in the series.  He's intelligent and very studious.  He has made me so proud of the man he has become!! And I don't even care if those sentences sound cheesy or braggy, it's the total truth!!

A lot of people say that because my son has 7 sisters, that he will be a great husband.  I do think it is true because he is learning how to treat a lady, and how ladies like to be loved and taken care of.  He has an edge over families with lots of boys!

I've included a few pictures from his first months and really, he hates to have his picture taken, so the most recent picture isn't all that recent.

Here he is at 3 months old.  He was really, really cute and really, really small!
Our son at 6 months old.  I was propping him up under the blanket!
Here he is at 10 months.  He really looks like his sister Kellie!
The day he turned one!!
And finally, a picture of him at 11 on one of our vacations.

So, there's a small glimpse at our only son.  We feel that it is so symbolic that God gave us a son for our first child.  He has lived up to everything we hoped for one of our children.

I can't wait to see what God has in store for him as he progresses through manhood!


Tesha Papik said...

Oh I just love this look back at your his life so sweet. I can not imagine 18 what a mix of emotions it must be for you. I love the updated pictures on the side bar as well:) Praying MANY prayers for you!!!

Erin said...

Happy birthday to your first born!! He sounds like a very sweet young man, and that is a tribute to his Mama and Daddy! (Also, you look beautiful in your new profile pic! Love those colors on you.) :)