Monday, January 21, 2013

Some Things

Here are some things about me that you REALLY must know!!

~I've realized and remembered that I really love watching college basketball and football! We don't have cable or satellite, so I never get to watch it and haven't watched any sports for at least 18 years (when we turned off the cable...satellite TV wasn't even on the radar yet).  I was in Les Schwab Tire Store Saturday and the TV was on, and an Atlantic Coast Conference Basketball game was playing, with North Carolina Tarheels playing against Maryland.  It was exciting! It was fun...but I had to remember that I was in a public store and, well....

~My girls and I watched the Tournament of Roses parade this year.  Have you ever seen it? It's on a major street in Anaheim, CA.  It coincides with the Rose Bowl every year on New Year's Day.  When I was a child, we watched it every year.  I guess we could have gone to it since we lived less than an hour away.  It was as wonderful as I remember it.  I really liked it and so did my girls.  Those floats are amazing and creative and intricate...and the marching bands were fun! Of course the day was perfect for a parade, as are almost all days in CA!

~Pennie was singing in her sleep the other night.  I nearly swooped her up and brought her into bed with me just so I could kiss on her and snuggle her...but she was sleeping.  Darn.

~I love boots.  Need I say more?

~I have a Shopping Bag saved on Shade Clothing.  I also have a Shopping Bag saved on J Jill. I'm trying to figure out how I can order my stuff!! Let's see...I could sell my first born, only son....I could have a garage sale, in the middle of winter, on a 30 degree day, with nothing...I could sell snow cones on the street corner downtown.....I could open up a traveling llama grooming service....alas, I'm afraid that I must only dream about the beautiful and cute things in my two shopping bags. But beautiful and cute they certainly, definitely are! I really love classy, well-made clothing.

~We just found out yesterday that one of our dear, dear young friends is being courted by a really nice young man...but he lives in Maryland.  NO!

~Daddy is off this week.  I know he'll be so busy that maybe I can chat with him on FB!

~We have three girls who have birthdays in January and they've all decided to have a Birthday Bash together! It's coming up and it's going to be so wonderful and fun!

~I sang opera yesterday.  In my home.  And the curtains waved in the breeze! I watched Beverly Sills, who was an operatic soprano and founded the New York Opera, and Danny Kaye, a comedian who was in White Christmas with Bing Crosby.  They did a two-et (his words) together and it was hysterical and so, I decided I was going to dust off my opera voice.  Yep.  Opera is a LOT of work!!

~I am probably going to have my favorite coffee drink today, thanks to my wonderful friend who gave me a pre paid card for Christmas! My husband lets me refill the card sometimes....I can't wait for my little indulgence!

~It's really, REALLY hard for me to notice that my girls are growing up.  It starts happening first at around 6, when they start losing the little girl look, and then again at around 9, when they start thinning out and getting tall and elegant and looking like young ladies, and then, the sword in the heart really stabs at 12, when they start looking womanly....HOW am I going to give them away??

~I love my van.

~I'd love to have a beautiful, restful bedroom that is a retreat.

~I love Pottery Barn.  

~If I turn on the oven a bit when I wake up in the (early) morning when it's 23 degrees, it warms up the kitchen and dining room rather nicely.  I really like to be warm and cozy but not hot.  It's really hard for my legs and feet to get warm... 

~On that note, I'm a bit obsessed with socks.  Warm, thick socks.  I buy them at thrift stores (don't worry, I wash them!).  However, it seems that as soon as I buy a batch of socks, the Little Sock Troll sneaks in and steals them and we're left with a bunch of socks without matches.  If you see this Troll, please arrest him and take our socks back! I love to wear socks around the house as we have wood floors, but....

~I was contemplating getting a bathrobe.  However, then I would never want to get dressed because I'd be too snug and comfy! So that's probably not going to transpire!

~If there was one random thing, just ONE, that you would want others to know about you, what would it be?? TELL!!

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Rebeca said...

You have my vote for the traveling llama grooming service! You've got to find a niche and fill it. :>
I love JJill! Everything goes on clearance, so if I have my eye on something I'll watch it and then maybe buy it when it's cheap. I've gotten several of their nice skirts for $20 or so dollars instead of $100. (Like I'd pay that much!)