Friday, January 11, 2013

About Me

This post is going to go in a totally different direction that my usual posts.

The reason: I want all of you, my friends, to know that I am a totally random person!

I mean, I CAN hold a thoughtful and orderly mind goes 150 mph usually and I want a record of some thoughts.  They aren't going to be very earth-shaking, but they're in my mind, so here goes:

Today I am wearing: a long black skirt, an Old Navy long-sleeved red shirt, and an ivory hooded sweater with toggle buttons down the front.  My feet are bare and my hair is down and I haven't yet put on any makeup. My only jewelry is my wedding ring and my necklace.

I am praying for: a young 16 year old girl named Anna who has leukemia.  I'm also praying that the vacation calendar at Husband's work is open for the weekend of April 25 so that our family can, for the very first time ever, go to our region's homeschool conference.  Actually, I'm almost BEGGING God!! Have you ever done that??

Outside my window: It is foggy this morning outside my window, with a temperature of 30 degrees.  It is a damp morning, so there isn't any frost. The forecast is for sun and 39 degrees.

In the school room: Lucie, who will be 4 at the end of the month, has started a new thing: she is working on one letter of the alphabet a month.  She's started the yellow level of Hooked on Phonics, but she seems to need a slower, more concentrated approach, so I came up with the idea of just working on one letter a month.  In other school room news, I came up with the idea of a Memory Verse flower.  I made it out of construction paper and placed it on our front door.  As our kids memorize verses, we will write them on the petals.  We will include poems that they memorize also.  I've asked each kid to pick 4 verses or passages in the Bible that they would like to memorize.  I just got a KONOS curriculum and have NO idea how to start or use it....I'm trying to figure it out!

I'm reading: I'm trying to finish the Caledonia series by Michael Phillips.  I'm almost done....The Invisible Woman by Nichole Johnson......

My house: my house is a bit chilly right now, as I didn't have the fireplace going.  We have natural gas and I LOVE IT!!! I have a natural gas oven/range, a water heater and our fireplace.  We switched over in 2001 and have never looked back.  I can turn on the fireplace with a switch and the fan blows the hot air out, and I can adjust the flame to be low, medium or high. It looks just like a regular fire and we just love it.  Right now the living room is in somewhat of a disarray because it didn't get straightened up last night before bed.  The kitchen is clean and the dining room...well, it's semi-okay! I'm trying to get the girls up to start the day...where are they???

Dinner: Tonight I'm not sure what we're having! YIKES!! That won't do, that just won't do AT ALL!!! I meant to take something out of the freezer last night but didn't and nothing else is thawed....but I'm the Queen of Last Minute, so I think it will be fine.  This year I want to work on making more food at meals so that everyone gets enough to eat and then some, and I also want to see our grocery budget go up so that I can afford to buy lunch stuff because we like to have a big, good lunch.

In other areas of randomness:

~I really, really LOVE Green JalapeƱo Tabasco Sauce! Now, this is a surprise because I don't love really spicy things.  This sauce is the perfect combo of a tiny hint of spice and a really fantastic tangy that I love.  May I confess to you that I, I alone, yes ALONE, BY MYSELF finished a whole bottle of the stuff in one week??? Hmm, I wonder if they make a larger size?? I also love Frank's Red Hot Sauce for its tangy/tiny bit of spice.

~My dear, dear friend gave me a pre-paid card to my very most favorite coffee place in the world.  Let me tell you that I am doing pretty well at rationing my drinks over a period of time, but this week, oh this week......I have been craving chocolate and gals, there is just not a hint of a bit of chocolate to be had in the whole house, and it sure does make it hard not to run over and get a drink every day.....BUT I am committed to having my favorite drinks as treats ONLY!! And yes, I can be pretty determined and steadfast. But how I crave a drink right now, and I had one only yesterday!!

~My wardrobe is sad.  Pathetic.  Unbelievably sparse.  I mean, I only own two long-sleeved shirts! Gals, I'm still wearing a nursing bra, and I haven't nursed Pennie in 6 months! I am a Goodwill/cute thrift store junkie....if only I could indulge my love! 

~My husband is off from January 21 through the end of the month.  YAY!

~The other day I took a very quick bath because I decided that I wanted to look pretty for my husband.  I wanted to pick him up from work NOT looking like the greasy, pony-tailed bag lady that I usually look like.  So, I took that bath and blew my hair dry.  I then decided to curl it.  I put on makeup!!!! These are things that I rarely do.  I walked out of the bathroom and all the kids were like wow, you look beautiful....your hair looks good look so pretty.....and I felt SOOO good! Now, if I could only fix my wardrobe situation and get a teenie bit more makeup....needless to say, Husband was impressed!

~I really do like looking really nice, even when I don't have errands to run or places to be.  I have a bit of a unique style that is slightly vintage, sort of a 40's ish/70's ish thing, and I do like to shop and I wish I could!! I adore boots and long skirts and cardigans and fitted T's and denim skirts too.....IF ONLY!!!!

~My hair is naturally very, very dark brown, which is interesting because I used to be VERY blonde, and then blondish-very light brown. I ask you to believe me that I haven't colored my hair in over 6 years.  For real.  All of my gray is hidden and yesterday I looked in the mirror and realized I'm getting a streak of silver down the right side! I thought it would look cool, kind of like Miss Alice Henderson a la the old Christy TV series.....and my son told me he loved silver/gray hair.  On the very cusp of 40, I think I've decided to leave my hair color alone!

~I'm craving Mexican food, like a taco bar or taco salad. I love everything about Mexican food! I love all the fixins and I love to squeeze lime over my Mexican food.

~I could eat a loaded salad every single day.  I simply adore salads.

~I love chocolate.  I'm not necessarily a junky but I do love brownies that are really dense and moist and gooey. is tough when there is not chocolate in the house.....


Erin said...

Loved this! Felt like we were having a little conversation or something--ha! I hear you on the coffee thing....addict over here. ;). And I truly love the Bible verse flower idea. You are a good Mommy. :)

Tesha said...

Love all your randomness! My mind works like the same way:) Hope you get some new cloths soon It is tough when we stay home to put ourselves together new clothes helps! I just cleaned out my clothes and I am going to have a big yard sale and that is my spending money whoo hoo! Chocolate....I never was a chocolate love until recently. I was always like whats the big deal. Yelp now I get it or gotta have rather:)

Erin said...

Hey! I tried to send you an email just now, but I'm having some weird problems with my account/desk top computer. Let me know if it went through if ya get a chance! Thanks, friend!