Monday, August 13, 2012

Coming Soon

Alrightie then.

After my husband dropping several hints here and there about me doing a podcast on cooking....

And after ruminating on it for some time.....

After my husband giving up on the idea because I was apparently not listening....

I will be posting a podcast, which to me is a fancy name for a home video, here on the blog! In this video, I will be insanely pretending to have my own Food Network cooking show.  I have no doubts you will be entertained, at the very least.  At least the videographer, my oldest daughter, will be superduper good.  You will be relieved that you will not become seasick while watching said video.

Now, I am not a professional chef.  I have not had the privilege of going to culinary school.  My kitchen is not a commercial kitchen, nor is it very glamorous or pretty.  But it is where I have created most of my recipes.  A lot of blood, sweat and tears has come out of my kitchen, at least on my part, while recipes that have made many people very happy have been enjoyed.  I will tell you that the recipes I will share on this upcoming podcast and each podcast I choose to do in the future will be all original recipes straight out of my own mind. I have been told that I am a fabulous cook.  I know that it gives me great joy to be able to throw together something that makes other people's eyes roll back in their heads and their eyelashes stand up straight.  

And something else you ought to know about me before we get too far into this relationship is that I am obsessed with cookbooks....

But I never use them!

I view cookbooks in the same light that I view good books.  I love to read them and pour over them and enjoy all of the great photos and funny stories, but I never use my cookbooks.  I never make recipes out of them.  I have a place on my counter for honored and favorite cookbooks, which includes, but is not limited to: The Pioneer Woman, Point of Grace, Paula Deen's kids cookbook, and a cherished copy of Betty Crocker from 1944.  I also love Rachel Ray's cooking magazine.  I have many copies of her magazine in with the above cookbooks too.  Just so you know.  Yes, I'm strange.  I'm glad we have that out in the open now.

To amp up the strange factor even further, I often hear voices in my head telling me that this-and-that would taste good together, or put this-this-and-this together.  Upon retiring to my bed of an evening, I will sometimes be unable to go to sleep, due to the recipes that are being created in my mind.  I often taste something, only to get clear messages on what would taste good with it.

Yes, I know.  Not normal.

It's a cross I must bear.


My husband has also been after me to put together my own cookbook.  Sure.  And make it available to the legions of fans and followers who leave oodles of comments on my blog, a la Pioneer Woman, right?

Sure.  Yep.  That would actually be super easy because I have one "fan" who is a regular on my blog, and I'd only have to publish one copy, saving myself gobs of money!

Erin, look for your copy of my uber-chic cookbook in the shadowy future, okay?

So, there you have it.  

And look for my podcast coming soon to this blog near you!


Tesha said...

Wow what a great talent you should do a book. My favorite recipe book is a hand written one by my grand mother soooo special to have someones recipes. Looking forward to the podcast.

My Little Warriors said...