Monday, August 27, 2012

Books For Sale!!!

Miles Milton is a prodigal.  After a falling out with is father he joins the British Army.  Journey with Miles as he learns discipline, self control and the realities of war in the brutal Sudan.

Captain Jacob Vane, his son Benjy and his two nephews Leo and Alf search for the North Pole.  Brave treacherous ice floes and blizzards, meet new friends and witness courage and enormous surprises on this journey!
It's the second half of 17th Century Scotland.  Young William Wallace is employed by the King of England to track down and execute dissenters.  While searching for Andrew Black, William has a change of heart and himself becomes one of the hunted.  Will he survive the treacherous Scottish moors AND his former comrades??

Young Martin Rattler finds himself aboard a merchant ship headed to the South Seas.    Before long,  Martin finds himself shipwrecked in South America.  You will encounter alligators, anacondas and hostile Indians in this Amazon tale of survival!

Join Francisco Ramini and his two sons Lucien and Mariano in early 19th Century Algiers, a nest of pirates and raiders who are the scourge of the Mediterranean.  A story of blood, cruelty and redemption! 
Red Rooney is a shipwrecked sailor wandering the frozen Arctic Circle.  A gripping tale of humor, treachery and misguided allegiance.
Dr. Oliver Trembath dives into a 19th Century subterranean mining world in England.  A bracing tale of laughter, love and tragedy~~a tale of successes, dangers and smugglers!

Hey there!! These books are for sale! They are PERFECT for young men ages 9-14.  Each book has been read once and put away for years, so they are like new.  Each is cloth bound and hardback and VERY high quality.  Brand new, each book sells for $20.00.  I am offering these to you for $15.00 each, which is a $5.00 per book discount! I will also sell them all, in a group, for $90.00.  Really, these books are such good character building stories in addition to the high adventure, suspense and shenanigans! My son read them all once and now, alas, he has grown out of them.  If you would like to purchase one or all of them you can just leave me a comment and we can iron out the details through email.  You won't find a deal like this anywhere else.  R.M Ballantyne is a VERY popular author and this is a phenomenal deal!

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