Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Blog

Lately I've been thinking about my blog.

I've been reading other gals' blogs and thinking, gee, I'd love it if my blog was funny....or trendy.....or stylish.....or this....or that....

I've been doing a lot of comparing and sizing up and really, it has come down to me asking myslf:

What do I really want my blog to be?

I'd like to have a goal for my blog.  And objective.  A raison d'etre, if you will.

I haven't come up with a bullet list or a one-year lay out plan for my blog, but here's what I do know:

I want my blog to reach you. 
I want my blog to challenge you, sometimes.
I want my blog to be more than a laugh.
I want my blog to be more serious.
I want my blog to share pictures.

The most important, most crucial, most non-negotiable thing about my blog is that Jesus Christ MUST be glorified here, every single day, every single post.

I'm not sure if I'm doing that.

I don't post a lot of things that are on my mind and things I think or things in my heart, just because I wonder if they would be of interest to others, or because I don't want to bore anyone or seem like I'm trying for piousness or perfection......because I'm NOT.

I recognize the fact that this vessel that contains the essence of my being is cracked and chipped and old.  It's not pretty.  It's even deformed and crushed in places.  So many things go through my heart and mind on any given day.....but the one thing I've come to realize is that it doesn't matter if I'm broken.  It doesn't matter if I'm leaking so often that I can't retain things.....I wonder if that's God's plan for me?

I've come to realize that Christ wants brokenness because He can fix it.
Christ wants cracked and chipped and worn because He can flow out of the those places better.
In my scattered pieces Christ finds me beautiful because He can put me back together.

I'm trying so hard to be what He sees me to be.  I'm failing so often.

I want my blog to reflect that type of person.

I am NOT SuperMom.
I am NOT patient.
I am NOT perfect.
I do NOT have it all figured out.
I spend days saying I'm sorry a ton.

I heard recently that perfection is overrated.  Perfection is overrated because once you reach perfection, what is left to strive for? And if we aren't striving daily, are we really living?

I hope my blog can be a place of refreshment for those who need realness.
I hope my blog reflects what Christ is doing in me.
I hope my blog honors my children and my husband.

Lastly but chiefly, I hope my blog looks like a person trying to love and serve and be holy, because that is what Christ asks of me.

So be it.

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