Monday, April 16, 2012

Something Different

So today I'm doing something a bit different that caught my eye on my new bloggy friend's blog.  I thought it was a great way for you all to have a tiny glimpse into what's going on over here.  It's called The Simple Woman's Daybook, and it's a series of questions.  Grab a cup of coffee and settle in while you read!

Outside my window: It's a rainy, grayish white day here.

I am thinking: How my girls are so silly and quirky and funny and inventive!

I am thankful for: Wow! So many responses swirl around in my head! But the thought that bubbles up to the top is that I'm thankful that even in hard economic times, we are not destitute and are still able to afford our house.  Praise God that we are not in over our heads with our house!

From the learning room: I'm loving doing History with Sara, Kellie, and Samantha right now, every day.  Hannah is my Atlas Holder Girl.  We have an absolutely HUGE atlas that we look at while we're studying the different regions.

From the kitchen: Rice with Mexican steak.

I am wearing: black and white dress and sweater.

I am going: I just got back from a day of running errands.

I am reading: "An Ancient Strife" by Michael Phillips

I am hearing: before dinner sounds of everyone waiting for dinner! Husband blowing on the flute.  And rain.

One of my favorite things: seeing Pennie's face and rubbing my nose over her soft, sweet smelling head, and thanking God that He was so merciful to grace our lives with her tremendous presence!

Thanks for reading! Why not do a post like this of your own??


Renata said...

Hi Leanne
I am so sorry I haven't answered your email, but I just thought I'd pop in & say "hi" & that I haven't forgotten you :)
I always love the daybook posts ( a couple of years ago I participated). It is such a great glimpse into your life!
Hope you have a wonderful day my friend & I promise I'll answer you soon!

Erin said...

Sounds like a home full of love and happy people...and yummy dinner! ;)