Monday, October 3, 2011


Today, I'm thankful.

Several months ago, I read Ann Voskamp's book on thankfulness, really, the concept of making a list of 1000 things that you're thankful for. The idea took root in my heart, and I've been thinking about it ever since.

So today, I am going to start posting about things that I'm thankful for.  

I know most of you won't care about my list.  Let me tell you anyway why I'm doing it: thankfulness breeds contentment, which breeds more thankfulness, and all of this is a way to harvest joy.  I'm also very, very forgetful and so, I'm  posting these thankful things so that I have a record of thankfulness, so that these things will be forever etched on my mind and heart.  Moreover, my family and I have been making an effort to live in an attitude of thankfulness!

So, here's my first five things that I am most thankful for this day:

Books! I'm an avid, voracious reader, and God has touched my heart and opened my heart through many a meaty, ponderous, wonderful book, fiction and non-fiction alike.  Jan Karon is my favorite author.

Avocados! I simply adore avocados. I have since I was very small, in any form.  I'm even more thankful for avocados because their fats help your brain to produce seratonin, which wards off depression, which I am prone to.
A yellow Dixon Ticonderoga #2 pencil, freshly sharpened!  Oh, the possibilities are endless for this pencil-paper-and-pen junkie with a new pencil to use!

A baby who is, and has always been, even from moments after birth, a great nurser!  It's very gratifying to see my body nourishing another human being with the nectar God gave for just that purpose.

Our house in our hometown, to which we will be triumphantly returning in just 68 days.  We are so thankful that we have someplace to go that is, simply said, just ours, in the midst of this very, very difficult season.  My husband and I have often told the kids how blessed we are to have a place to go, because if we didn't have our house in our hometown, we'd be destitute.

Well, that's my list.  I'm going to try to post 5 more things on my "mental list" very soon.

Now, what are YOU thankful for??                                                               


Melissa said...

Moving back home huh? Wow, I'm so surprised! Glad you have a place tho and now Mr. Postman will be home eariler too! :-)

Michelle said...

I am thankful for Jesus' love, grace and forgiveness. I am thankful for my family and friends love, grace, and forgiveness too.
Are you giving up the farm life? Are the kids excited to move back to your old house? We have been trying to move for over a year and I guess for us it isn't the Lord's timing.
I hope things are going well and your packing goes smoothly.

My Little Warriors said...

It's been a long time, and you are always on my heart. I feel this connection to you even when we haven't talked for so long. Life has been well.. just short of crazy hard strange. I would absolutly adore and love to get together with you sometime.. i look for you on friday's whenever i happen to be at the grochery store.
I'll send you a personal message. Miss you friend, hope we can catch up soon.

Anonymous said...
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