Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Caving In!

Okay, so I read some blogs, and a few of them are Southern Gals.  To me, Arkansas is the South.  And Alabama.  And Mississippi.  Down that far yonder seems like another country to me! Even Tennessee seems like the Deep South! And Georgia?? Yeah.  That region is so mystifying to me! I love how they talk down there.  I love their home cookin'.  I love their sense of tradition and their love of their families.

I've noticed too that they dress their kids and babies in certain ways, with lots of smocking and embroidery and monogramming and with nods to a more vintage era.  Time was, I just thought monogrammed clothing was so....well, preppy and fussy and, oh, proper??


I think you can guess where I'm going with this post!!

I've given in!

I've changed my mind!

I've caved!

With the impending arrival of Pennie, I just can't stop thinking about something with her sweet initials on it!

Marsha, it's YOUR fault! The dollies you gave to my babies started my mind wandering....and so, I can blame my new craving on you! Ha.

I have something in my mind: a leopard or cheetah print corduroy jumper dress with a baby pink long sleeved onesie, and a baby pink ruffle around the bottom, and Pennie's monogram (PJG) on the bodice.  Maybe some bows on the shoulders, or big buttons, with a matching pair of ruffled, longer bloomers that can be seen below the dress, maybe with a big heart on the tushie.....in a very small size, like 3-6 or 0-3 months.  I think a matching head band would be delicious too.  She is so special to us, so unique, that I really wanted to make that known in a tangible way.

The problem is, every site I've looked online, their dresses start at about $35.00!!!!! And that's for just the simple, pillowcase style, with no extras or frills.  A two-piece set ran more along the lines of $50.00.  Yikes.

And, I don't sew, so if I want such a cute creation, I'm kinda at the mercy of those prices.

It's overwhelming to see the large amount of online stores and sites that sell stuff like that.  I stopped after the 5th site I went to, just tired of looking!

Do you have any particular sites you love?

I'm also thinking about my seamstress daughter making something like that for me.  She sews with my dear mother in law and is actually very accomplished.  I've asked her, and I think she's interested.  She just has "sew many" things she wants to sew.......(forgive me for the corny pun).

I can see the cute dress set so clearly in my head.

Any ideas?

I'll let you know what happens!

PS: Today begins the 30 day countdown to my due date! Excited.  Scared.  Totally can't wait to get my hands on her!


Gayle @ TrainingOlives said...

Hey Leanne!
Just catching up on your blog today and I grinned so huge when I read this post.
I love living in the South for all of the reasons you mentioned and then some. I didn't start out here, but, Lord willing, I'll finish here. :)
As far as all of the monogrammed stuff, people are SO serious about that here. Many people have their own "monogram girl" LOL! I never went that far because it is pretty pricey to get things done (unless you do it yourself, which many folks do), AND, I'm all about hand-me-downs, so monogramming kinda ruins that option.
However. I did have a few smocked dresses that I adored for my Julianna because a sweet lady at our church would make them for her all the time. I saved every single one of them b/c their so beautiful and precious to me.
I love your idea!! Hopefully your daughter can pull it off for you! Or someone else will have a good suggestion for something more reasonably priced. :)

Susan said...

I was going to say why don't you see if someone can make it for you. I can picture it and it sounds really really cute.
excited for the countdown. I am on day 24 and it still feels like i have and eternity until this little guy comes.

Courtney said...

I didn't discover until I was about 20 years old that I was apparently raised Southern despite being raised in Washington. When I go through the list, it kind of becomes obvious. lol I didn't know until today that monogramming things was very Southern. About six months ago though, I did embroider my friend's new baby boy's initials on to one bib, and his first name on the other. Who knew.

Maybe you can try some of those iron on applique letters from JoAnn's or such? Or hope one of the other daughters takes up embroidery. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hello Leanne,
I am Elizabeth Rose...you might remember me from Napavine Baptist Church. I am a Doula, and wanted to know if you would like some extra help and support at your upcoming birth. I am not charging anything because I need one more birth to become certified. If you are interested, I would love to get together and we can discuss how I can be a help to you. You are in my prayers.
Blessings, Elizabeth Rose

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Ruffles?! Bows?!!! Monograms? Are you SURE you aren't from the South?

But then again, I am a southern girl and don't care for the fuss of all those extra frills (or maybe i'm too lazy to mess with them). I don't even have big hair! Okay, maybe you are supposed to be blonde to do the big hair thing. :)

I'm sure you will find the perfect outfit, Leanne! I think you need to find a friend with an embroidery machine... maybe someone from church? So much more affordable than having it done at a shop.