Thursday, February 3, 2011

20 Things

I just read my friend Emily's post, and she posted about some things she *doesn't* miss from her past.

I thought I'd do that too! I won't link to Em's blog in this post because if you go to my sidebar you can find her there!

So, here we go:

  1. Working outside the home.  I've been a stay at home mom for almost 16 years now, and I'll never go back!
  2. The first two months of our marriage when we were both working and really, really struggling financially.
  3. My husband coming home smelling like the mills.  GAG! He was a security guard at one of our hometown mills.  
  4. Being in school.  I despised school. I was such a misfit and SO did NOT want to be there! About the only subjects I loved were French and sometimes language.
  5. Taking Russell to preschool every day.  Hannah was small and I was pregnant with Samantha.  Super tough.  And I'd have to wake the two girls up from their naps and pile them in the car to go pick Russell up in the afternoons.  Thank You, Lord for leading us to homeschool.
  6. Living in a 700 sq ft slummy, scummy, trashy duplex with two bedrooms and 3-going-on-4 kids. 
  7. The two long weeks Russell was in the NICU after he was born.
  8. Regular bread.
  9. Cutting my own kids' and husband's hair.  I was horrible at it.  I mean, to the point where I am glad that I didn't ruin their hair for life! Poor Dave.  He had to endure going to work with one whole chunk shaved out of his head.  Thank You, Lord for Christy King!!
  10. Living in the city.
  11.  City water.
  12. The days when I had no idea that my Sara couldn't see.  She was basically significantly vision impaired, and I had NO IDEA.  I cried in the doctor's office when I realized it.  She has glasses now, problem solved!!
  13. Dating. Ugh.
  14. Being Single.  I still look at Dave and just cannot believe we're really here and he's really mine.
  15. Eating McDonald's and Burger King food.  Gag me.  And if you really knew what was in their stuff, you'd be gagged too.
  16. Being a teenager.
  17. California.
  18. The same weather every single day.  Sunny, blue sky, no seasons, the same temp all the time.  Now that I live in a real place with real seasons and diverse climate (well, diverse to me), I realize how monotonous that was!
  19. Not having my driver's license.
  20. And..........the last thing I do not miss is being without children, and only having three children.  My big family is so much fun and such a balm to my heart that I could never, never go back.  Praise God for my children!
Now, your turn! What are some things you don't miss? And soon I'll do a post about some things I do miss.


Courtney said...

I second that 700sq ft, 2bdrm, scummy apartment with 3 going on 4. What a horrible existence. Never ever again.

Duckygirl said...

These lists are fun, they tell a lot about a person! :)

...something I don't miss? Hmm, how about Seattle traffic? Driving on I-5 thru the city. I don't miss that one bit! I don't miss ferry rides either.


Renata said...

Hi Leanne
I loved this list. Had a laugh when you said being a teenager - I reckon 99% of the adult population would agree with that one - those hormones are terrible!
How are you going? I've been praying for you & thinking about you even though we've been away!
Keep well & rested

Duckygirl said...

Also, you are getting so close. I can't wait to hear news that you are snuggling your little bundle of joy!!!