Monday, January 3, 2011


Everyone is doing posts recapping 2010, and I've never done a recap post before, so I thought I'd do one today!!

Could it be that the new year is already getting old?? I can't believe 2010 went by so fast.  Seriously, it was the fastest year I can remember.  It seems that as the years go by, they go by much swifter! I remember thinking last year, in March, "I can't believe it's already MARCH!" Ha.

If I could pick one word to attach to 2010, I think it would be......


This word "eventful" usually calls to mind excitement and celebration and partying and joy.....

But I have to say, 2010 was anything BUT joyful.  Don't get me wrong here, it did have its tiny pockets of happiness and joy.....

But a lot happened to our family to shake us up in a major way.  In January we made a major move from our home of 9 years to my folks' property and their house.  We live in the same house as my folks.  Our home in our hometown is being rented out by a youth pastor and his small family.  It's still hard to think of someone else living in "my" house.  If you want to learn about yourself in a big hurry, move in with your parents!!! Also in January, Kellie turned 7.  Sara turned 9.  Lucie turned 1.  Whew, that's a lot of birthdays in one month!

In February we settled in, or tried to.  We got everyone settled in their places.  My folks continue to have the 400 sq ft master bedroom/bathroom.  The girls all sleep in one room about the size of a postage stamp.  Yes, you read that right! 5 of our girls sleep in the same room.  Hey, that's a post in itself!! Dave and I sleep in the other postage stamp sized room with crib, which Lucie currently sleeps in.  Russell slept on the couch in the living room for the first 5 or so months.

In March our beloved van, which we had had since 2001 caught fire on a freeway overpass on the way home from our hometown one night.  I was following Dave and Russell with the girls when the van started losing power and wouldn't accelerate.  I eased it off of the freeway, off the overpass, going about 5 mph, and got out.  Dave, who was almost home by this time, had come back (thank God for cell phones) and it was then that he opened the hood and discovered a tiny fire in the engine that, within about 30 seconds, was fully involved and 4-alarm.  A passing motorist stopped to see if we were okay and called 911, while Dave and Russell frantically worked to get all of our belongings, including about $600 worth of groceries, out of the vehicle.  We had about 5 minutes to get everyone out and get away from there before it was really, really ugly.  Yes, it was very, very traumatic for the girls.  Yes, our van burned until there was nothing but the frame left.  You could barely recognize what it was.  To this day, the circle of burned ground alongside the overpass is still there.  Sofia turned 4.  She got to celebrate her birthday out on the farm!  Our family Blue Heeler Gracie, whom we had had for 4 years, got attacked by something and almost lost her life.  A close shave for her, a very sad time for the kids, but after a few weeks, she was good as new!

In April a wonderful older couple at the church we used to go to allowed us the use of their van, for as long as we needed it.  We also found out, on Easter Sunday, that we were pregnant, after a really, really long time of trying.  Sadly, the very next Sunday I began to have my third miscarriage.  We were very sad.  My doctor told me he wanted me to wait for two menstrual cycles to try again.  So, we were abstaining (I know, TMI!!!) Russell turned 15.  I felt old.

May was, thankfully, pretty quiet.  We were given a motor home by some really good friends, and we spent that month getting it ready for Russell to "move in" to.  He now has slept there for a good many months and loves having his own space.

In June I turned 37.  Summer here on the "farm" was beautiful.  We were so glad we moved here and wished we had done it years ago.  God has His perfect timing though!  I was also taking a couple of spit tests for my naturopath to measure my adrenal fatigue levels and my hormone levels, to see if they were normal.  This involves spitting into several small vials and sending them to a lab to be analyzed.  I had successfully completed the adrenal testing and was well into the hormonal testing.  I was just waiting to spit into the last vial, which is to be done in conjunction with the first day of your period.  I was waiting to spit into that last vial and I remember not feeling right.  But I never suspected the reason! I'm never, ever, EVER late, so I decided to take a test, just to make sure everything was was positive and I remember sitting there, in the bathroom, shaking and crying and freaking out because I was so surprised.  I brought the test to Dave.......needless to say, I had to throw away that hormone spit test!!! Made my first Dr's appt.  Yep, we were definitely pregnant, according to the blood test numbers on June 27th.  My numbers were curiously high..........oh well........nobody at the Dr's office was really concerned or anything.

In July Dave had his birthday.  Our birthdays are 6 days apart, even though he's 5 years older.  Hannah had her first real milestone birthday too, at the end of the month. She got her first real knife.  I cried a lot that month.  I got to hear our "baby's" heartbeat for the first time, at 7 weeks, via early ultrasound.  Yep, there's definitely a baby in there!

August was hot and busy and Dave was waiting on payment for a short piece he had done in July to audition for a new movie coming out sometime in 2011.  He ended up trying out twice for the movie.  We ended up waiting more than 4 months to be paid.  He decided never to work for that particular gentleman again, due to several things that had just culminated into a bad taste in our mouths.

September was our 17th wedding anniversary.  I was soooooooooooooo sick!!!! I was sooo tired I was taking two naps a day, at least.  I had never been morning sick with any of my pregnancies.  I hadn't gained any weight so far, as of the beginning of September.......HA!!!! Dr W said he'd like me to have my ultrasound at 18 weeks, and the clinic where I have my scans called me later that month to make an appointment.  They called me the 23rd, or something like that, and told me they had an appointment open on the 28th at 8:30 in the morning, and I was so flabbergasted that we would get to "meet" our baby and find out who were were going to have, that fast!!! I was at piano lessons when they called me back to confirm.  I was giddy! I had also gained a LOT of weight, in a 5 week span, like 15 lbs!!!! My tummy was H U G E at this point.  But this was my 12th pregnancy and there was only one baby in there, according to the heartbeat!!!! Well, the rest of the month will go down in my heart as the most exciting and blessed time ever, for me, for, on the 28th, we found out that we were going to be blessed with identical twin girls.  Gracie, our family dog, continued to act very strange, being aggressive and just not herself.

October was gorgeous out here in the country.  The trees were so beautiful that fall.  We were so excited because Dave had been asked to play at a Hardhats For Christ dinner.  Of course, we had just found out our lives were going to be altered forever by having twin girls, and we were so eager to tell everyone who would listen! I registered at Target that month, on the advice of two of my good friends who announced that I ought to have a baby shower for The Babies.  I was practically glowing with jubilance as I took the girls and we all had a ball picking out multiples of everything!!! I wonder if my feet ever touched the ground that day! We also went to a Gaither Homecoming concert too.  I remember feeling like I was highly blessed among women, and so fortunate that my Babies were both so healthy, as I sat in the arena, listening to the best concert ever, and feeling my Olivia shake, rattle and roll to the music! I got my picture taken with Sonja and Becky Isaacs, and I talked with her about being pregnant and how she wanted so badly to be pregnant.  I told her to keep trying and that if I, at the age of 37, could have twins, then her getting pregnant could happen too, at the age of 36.  And that was the last time I ever felt Olivia move.  The doctor thinks she died that night or shortly after.....of course, we found out on the 19th that our Baby was dead.  And thus, my life turned upside down, no matter how hard I tried to hold on to the angle that it was.

November was Thanksgiving.  November was increased dr's appt, in my hometown and in Vancouver.  We also purchased a new van.  I love it!! Now we can go places as a family again!!!

And then, there was December.  Our first family dog, Gracie, died in the middle of the month.  She had been increasingly erratic and this bothered me, because she had never acted like that before.  Well, her pain and confusion is now over.  We buried her in a favorite spot of the girls.  It hasn't been the same without her.  I had a mini-breakdown, and began to question my faith.  Christmas was very, very difficult for me, as all I felt was numb and dead.  No Christmas spirit for me! I realized that Christmas has always been on my list of holidays that I just don't like.  I know, bah humbug!!!! But I love how my kids are in December.  I love the wonder and the freshness and the joy that they show.  We had the most beautiful tree, and actually the most low-key holidays we've ever had!

So.  That recaps our 2010.  Now, a few days into 2011, I can feel myself focusing on our new baby that is to come in just 8 weeks or so.  It's close, my body is telling me.  And today is my 32 week check up with my hometown doc.  We'll try to ascertain what position Pennie's in and just how much longer my body can hold out.  To me, it doesn't feel like much longer!!!

Samantha has a haircut appointment today.  Then she's going over to her other grandma's to sew.  She's a very, very talented seamstress.  She "cut her teeth", so to speak, on very complicated medieval gowns. We've talked about her opening up an etsy store to sell her creations, since there's a demand for period costumes for reenactments.  We love Dave's mom!!!!

It may seem like we had a lot of sadness and tragedy last year.  Yes, we did.  It was the hardest year for our family.  But what I really want to leave you with is this: when God says His grace is sufficient for you, He really, really means it.  You CAN really trust what He says.  Yes, things for us have been tough, but the Bible says that His judgements are good and pure and true and right and just.  ALL of His judgements.  And you can trust that too.  I wavered in my faith and questioned Him and grieved, hard core, but I came out of the valley with the unshakeable knowledge that I can trust Him and He has never abandoned me, not once!

"....and giving thanks ALWAYS for ALL things to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!"


Rebeca said...

Grace and peace to you... and may this year have fewer sorrows and more joys!

Missionfieldof5 said...

A full year indeed, Praise God for his protections and his provisions for your family.

May you and yours be blessed abundantly in 2011.

My Little Warriors said...

I didn't know that Gracie had passed. :(
I hope you have had a chance to flip through the cookbook i gave you today. It was some scruptious meals in it
Love You, hope to come up and visit soon

Renata said...

What a year you've had.I loved reading this post - hearing about things that you haven't written about.
I hope 2011 is a wonderful year for you all - looking forward to 'meeting' your new bub!!
Praying for you
God bless