Friday, January 14, 2011

Almost there

It's been a couple of days!

My goal {unofficially} for this year is to post more often, with more pictures!! Let me tell you, we've got tons and tons and tons of pictures on Husband's computer, just waiting for you all to see them!! So, I haven't inscribed it in stone, and I haven't written a list of resolutions, but it's a small goal.

Now, onto other things.

We officially have 5-7 weeks left.  I can't believe we're almost there!

I had a check up down South on Wednesday.  I was already excited to see Pennie again, since it had been three weeks since my last scan, and I have to say, I'd gotten used to seeing her so often.  I do think modern technology is a mixed blessing!

Kyrsten, my tech, was worried about me since I hadn't come in in a while and was wondering what had happened to me!

Cutting to the chase, Pennie just looks so healthy, and if possible, she just looks more wonderful than ever! She's thriving and happy in there, which is the deepest, most poignant blessing to me right now.  It was a longer scan this time, since we were getting such good images of her! We got some priceless 4D images of her trying like gangbusters to get her thumb in her mouth, and when she couldn't, she'd scrunch up her face like she was about to wail!!! It was the most miraculous thing.  She's head down, very low, with one of her hands up by her face.  She currently weighs 4.5 lbs, and will gain roughly a pound a week, so she will most likely be between 7-9 lbs upon arrival.  I venture to say that she's going to be a thumbsucker!! We got so many gorgeous images of her, and I can tell that she is the mirror image of our Kellie.

Now, as labor gets closer, I do begin to feel the old enemy of trepidation and fear.  People, I will actually lose sleep at night because of terror! My husband says I get this way every single time, when it's getting down to the wire.  In my teenie tiny logical mind, I know it is totally ridiculous and totally unfounded, due to the fact that every single one of my labors has been about 5 hours long and super easy.  Don't hate me.  But fear is an irrational bedfellow, and when hormones are added into the mix, it's powerful and hard to conquer.

The thing is, I know the God of Peace.  He is my Standard.  He is my Buckler and my Shield.  He is the Shade at my right hand, my Fortress and my Deliverer.  I recite these characteristics over and over again, even out loud.  He has been very present in each and every one of my labors and deliveries, and I have never had cause to worry or fret.  He is working to try to calm my heart and my nerves.  I am working to let Him!

The doctors do not anticipate this labor to be any different from my previous labors.  Olivia has shifted position, and is now low also, right next to her sister, instead of at the top of my belly, Praise be to God!

So, I need your prayers! You moms out there know intimately what I'm talking about.  Have you been there?? Have you ever feared labor? Tell me I'm not the lone freak!! I know my body is preparing even know.  I'm working to try to remember, in the midst of it, that it's only a few hours, and yes, it does hurt, but isn't it the most rewarding pain ever? And the payoff?

I can do this thing, in the Name of Christ Who Strengthens Me!!


Gayle @ TrainingOlives said...

Wow! Time always flies when it's not us who's pregnant.. I can't believe you've only got a little over a month left.

I'm praying for you, Leanne. He is faithful!

Karen said...

I can't believe you have only a few more weeks...


Duckygirl said...

I completely understand your fears. I have them each and every time I'm facing labor, you are not alone! I'm praying for you and soon you'll be on the other side of this snuggling an amazing little cutie pie. :)

Love ya friend,

Michelle said...

I agree such a scary and exciting thing. Praying for your delivery. I can't wait to see pics. The Creator of the universe is amazing and able!!

Susan said...

I will pray for you. i have 6 weeks left and I haven't walked down the road of fear yet. I told my midwife at the last appt. that i am just ready to have a big baby. It will hurt and I will live and get through it. That's how I seem to be gettignthrough it thsi time. Not sure if it is going to work but for now I will continue this way.
Prayign for the fear to be gone and fro you to enjoy the rest of the pregnancy.

Missionfieldof5 said...

Same fears here each time...but the fear is more in the leading up to it and letting my mind go there...When it is actually the day of labor, the fear is not there.

Yep the pain is there, although brief...replaced by pure love....I actually think the afterbirth contractions are worse than labor!! I have no fear of those...just don't like going through them!

Southern Queen of the Crazies said...

Honestly each time I thought I'd figure a way out of labor before it happened. Silly, I know. :)