Tuesday, April 20, 2010

25 Things

I got this idea from my friend Kathryn's blog....

Yes, I have no new ideas for great, soul-wrenching posts today.  It's been, shall we say, a Hard  couple of weeks!!

So I'm taking the easy way out!! Keep reading if you want to know ANOTHER 25 things about me!!

1.  I haven't dyed my hair in about 6 years.  I had been dying it, and Daughter Number Two, who was about 5 at the time, said "I don't like it when you dye your hair.  I like your real color." I never dyed my hair again.

2.  I'm a VORACIOUS reader.

3.  I'm getting more girly and feminine the older I get.  I'm liking pretty and classy things more and more!

4.  I am the only girl my husband has ever kissed!

5.  I have been on some sort of worship team, at one time or another, since I was 13.

6.  I have been in choir or a chorus of some sort since I was 6 years old.

7.  I haven't worn jeans in 5 years.

8.  I have weird eyelashes.  One of my eyes has long, straight eyelashes, while the other has short, curly eyelashes, due to a strange eye disease I had when I was pregnant with Sofia.  Annoying to try to put mascara on...

9.  I adore Gaither Homecoming videos.  I'd love to sing with them someday.

10.  I just got a new lotion from Desert Essence Organics that I use before I go to bed.  It's Vanilla Chai, a different scent for me, but I read somewhere that vanilla helps you relax and sleep better.

11.  I'd love to go on a road trip all over the nation, eating my way from one state to the next.  Without gaining weight!!

12.  I learned how to drive the riding lawnmower! Daughter Number One showed me.  Fun!

13.  I'm not the most confident person.  In fact, my lack of confidence has kept me from trying anything new or different in a lot of areas.  I'm gaining more confidence now that I'm Becoming An Adult!!

14.  I've never had a hard mixed drink or shot in my life.  And I don't want to! The stuff smells like paint thinner and probably tastes even worse!

15.  I almost named Daughter Number One Cassidy.  I had a cheesy love affair with Kathie Lee Gifford and I watched Live with Regis and Kathie Lee every morning, and she named her daughter 
Cassidy and I loved it....but Husband said No Way.

16.  My first baby, Our Only Boy, hardly moved in the womb.  I can count the times he moved.  He was NOT an active baby at all.  ( I guess this one wasn't really about ME!)

17.  I had blonde hair my whole life, until I turned 14.  My hair got darker with every pregnancy I've had.  It's so dark it's almost black! (In preparation to go gray, I'm sure!)

18.  I heart me some fries and brown gravy! Mmmmm! Haven't had it in years.

19.  After I give birth, my first meal is a double order of beef and gravy with mashed potatoes and a salad and a Pepsi.  Yes, it's hospital food and not that great, but I'm always totally starving and it tastes wonderful to me! It's a tradition with me.

20.  I cannot stand being too hot.

21.  I've never had a cavity.  I've never had braces.  Shoot, I've probably been to the dentist 3 times in my entire life.  (Don't hate me).

22.  I hate mini blinds.

23.  I do not own a bathrobe.

24.  I wear Breathe Rights when I go to bed at night.  I don't snore, it's just prevention.  (It's TRUE!)

25.  I went straight from my mom and dad's house to being married.  I had never lived on my own.

Now YOU do 25 things!!


MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

i don't hate you but the whole dentist thing makes you a brat. come visit me and i'll feed you lots of sugar. :)

i have never had a hard drink or beer either. has ZERO appeal to me.

i have, however, smoked a cigarette when i was 5. picked it up off the ground when my step-brother tossed his. nasty stuff-- i can still remember what it tasted like! yuck. zero appeal.

Duckygirl said...

This was a great list, many of these things I didn't know! :O)

I hate mini blinds too, SOOO glad our house doesn't have any!

I've had too many fillings to count....I pray all the time that the kids inherit Ian's teeth. I think he's had one cavity his entire life.


Renata said...

Great list! Guess what I'm like you - I also have never had a cavity!! Apparently it's good genetics because my grandad was the same (my sisters didn't get it however)!
I could say I agree to so much on the list - reading / never drinking/ straight from mum & dads to marriage etc!
Love that we're so alike even though we're across the world!!

Sorry it's been so long since I visited - my last month has been crazy to say the least - should settle down now!
Keep well & God bless
Renata :)