Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Question for You


How do you link to your blog on Facebook? I see my friends linking to their blogs, and when I tried to investigate doing it myself, I didn't get anywhere.

So, all of you techie gals out there, please tell me how to do it in your comment, but in English, if you please!



Karen said...

After you post look up to the top of your screen. Click "Share" and a window will appear with several options. One is Facebook. Just click that and it will open to Facebook to share. I have noticed it will be hit or miss on what post will show up on Facebook. You can usually edit your Facebook post before you publish it on your Profile. Does that help?

Christine said...

Ok. There may be a different way of doing this but this is how I do it.
Go to your profile page. Under the box where you type your status it says "attach". Next to that there are several buttons. One is photos, one is video, one is event and one is link. Click on the link button and type/copy your URL for the post you're wanting to share. That's it. :)

Susan said...

Also, if I just copy and paste my blog post link in the status update, my blog will pop up and I can choose which of my sidebar photos/buttons to showcase. Pretty easy but I know what you mean about having a hard time figuring it out. Some things are like that for me too. Takes me a while but when I get it, I think duh!

Renata said...

Sorry, can't help as I don't facebook, but hope someone can help you!
Isn't it hard to believe it's december - hope you're going well!

Teena said...

I have a hard time figuring out things like linking back!

Thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate your words.

I love the big pic of you baby...

I will be back...

Hope you are enjoying the weekend.