Monday, November 16, 2009

About Me

I saw this fun idea for a post, and, in an effort to lighten the blog up a bit, I decided to post it! It's just a series of questions about every day life.

1.  Cell phone: It's on the top of the couch, right next to me.

2.  Hair: My hair is down today.  I'm still marveling at how awesomely clean my hair feels after changing shampoo! It's the same brand we have used for a long time, just a different formula.  I stood in the shampoo aisle for literally like 20 minutes, looking at all the bottles and reading the backs.  We have lots of oily hair at our house and we had yet to find a shampoo that worked for oily hair.  Lo and behold, there it was, in the big purple bottle, right in front of me! So I switched and loooove it! '

3. Father:  My mother and father were divorced when I was two and my older brother was 4.  My younger brother, who is 16 months younger than me, was 8 months old and went with my father.  I never saw my younger brother again till I was 18.  When I was 16, my mom remarried and I consider him the best, most wonderful man I've ever known.  He is at the top of my list of wonderful people in my life.  He may not be my biological father, but he is my Dad nevertheless.  We will be moving in with them very soon.

4.  Favorite food: This is a no brainer.  I love Mexican food. A lot of people view meat-and-potatoes as their comfort food.  Mexican food is my comfort food.  Any kind.  Homemade guacamole and pico de gallo rock my world.  I also love things like sauerkraut with roast.  Mashed potatoes and gravy are high on my list too.   Greek food makes my eyelashes stand straight up and I dearly wish there was a great greek restaurant here.

5.  Dream from last night:  No idea.

6.  Favorite drink: I love a good blended Big Train.  I also love virgin strawberry daquiris.

7.  Dream/goal:  To bless my family in the highest and best ways possible.  To live out for others to see how faithful God has been to me.

8.  What room am I in?: I'm sitting in my living room in front of big windows, facing my fireplace.

9.  Hobbies: I love making cards.  I adore going on road trips with my family.  I take great pleasure in cooking and baking for my family.  I like to can.  

10.  Fear:  I will always fear, to some extent, losing another baby.

11.  Where do I want to be in 6 years?  Anywhere God wants me to be, but with my family.  I dearly, dearly would love to have more children, so I pray there are more babies in the picture! Seeing my husband working from home composing would be nice.

12.  Where was I last night? Right here, at my home.

13.  Something I am not:  I am not confident.

14.  Muffins: No, thank you.

15.  What is on my wish list? A 15 seat Chevy Express wide axle van.  A big garden.  Security for my family.  For my husband to work from home.  To ensure perfectly matched spouses for my children.

16.  Where did I grow up? I was born in Renton, WA.  We moved to Ellensburg when I was very small and moved from there to Southern California.  I lived in Huntington Beach for 9 1/2 years.  We moved to Corona for a year and a half, then to Irvine for a year and a half.  We moved back to Washington when I was 13.

17.  Last thing I did:  I got dressed.  Yay for me!

18.  What am I wearing? I'm wearing a dark blue, long denim skirt with contrasting stitching at the seams, with a plum colored T shirt and a sage colored light cable knit zip up sweater.  I'm barefooted.

19.  TV? No.  No satellite.  No cable.  Just a VCR and a DVD player.

20.  Pets:  We have an Australian blue heeler named Gracie.  She's 4 years old.  She's marled blue with brown eyes.  We also have a Black Lab puppy named Licorice.  She's 2 years old.  She's Gracie's chew toy.  And, last but not least, we have a black and white cat named Oreo.  He is 4 years old too.  They're all outside pets.

21.  Friends:  I don't have many close friends.  The ones I do have are loyal.  Understanding.  Loving through any fire.  They know my weaknesses and keep me accountable to change.  They are generous and giving.  They are steadfast.

22.  My life: My life is so good it's almost scary.  So beautiful it hurts.

23.  My mood: My mood is pretty low key right now.  I find myself with a tinge of sadness each day.  I notice that I'm a lot more contemplative than I used to be.

24.  My vehicle: We have a 1994 turquoise GMC Safari.  It's a touring edition, so it has trays on the backs of the seats and cubbies and and zipper pouches and cup holders and reading lights.  My husband's work car is a 1987 Pontiac 6000.

25.  What am I NOT wearing? I'm not wearing make up.  I'm not wearing shoes, neither am I wearing socks.  I didn't put perfume on this morning either. Or earrings.

26.  Favorite store: I don't really have a favorite store.  I love love love searching out great thrift stores and shopping second hand.  Wait! I just remembered that I really, really like this store over in the neighboring town across the river called Fringe.  Great vintage clothing!

27.  Favorite color: I have to say my favorite color is chocolate brown, hands down. Buuuuut.....I really adore orange.  And olive green.  And robin's egg blue.  Not all together!!!

28.  When did I last laugh:  Hmmmm, this is a hard one! Ah, last night.  Everyone was being silly here and I had a good belly laugh, which, if I may say, is very healing and lightens the heart.  I recommend laughing regularly.  I wish I laughed more often.

29.  My BFF:  My BFF is my mom.  And my girls.

30.  When did I cry last?  I had a crying jag just two days ago.  When I say "crying jag", I mean the messy, gut wrenching, snot-dripping-out-your-nose crying jags.  I felt even and peaceful afterward.

31.  The place I go over and over:  I go to Fred Meyer a lot, out of necessity.  It's my favorite grocery shop.  I go to a local resale shop tons, and Goodwill.  And my mom's coffee stand.

32.  Person who emails me regularly:  Nobody really emails me regularly.  

33.  Favorite place to eat:  El Charrito.  Nipp's.  The Mexican restaurant in Leavenworth.  Wait, that's three!!!

So, there you have it.  These were supposed to be one word answers.  HA! You know me.  I am NOT a one word kind of gal!

I'd enjoy reading answers to these questions on your blogs!


Duckygirl said...

Have you ever been to Alexis in Portland?? Yummy Greek food!!

I like the van on your wish list, I'd like one too please :)


Leanne said...

Laura, I've never heard of Alexis...but ooooh, Greek food is scrumptious to me!!!

Funny story about huge vans: two weeks ago our family went with our church to a rally in Chehalis to reject R-71. Afterwards, the family-integrated churches up north got together at a grange hall up there for a worship and fellowship gathering. We'd never been to this gathering before, and when we drove up, there was nothing in the parking lot BUT big vans! There were kids everywhere! It was fun and refreshing not to be looked at as the weirdos!!!

Renata said...

Great answers - I enjoyed learning more about you!
What is that mexican dish you mentioned (I know what guacamole is - the other one)?
I enjoy Thai & Indian food ( that's sure one thing I miss about living in the city is the great restaurants nearby - here there's nothing worth mentioning).
Have a lovely day!
Renata :)

Leanne said...

Renata...pico de gallo (pronounced peekoh dee guyoh) is just chopped salsa, left in bigger chunks for a fresher taste. Chop up tomatoes, and onions. Add cilantro and a jalapeno pepper, seeded and chopped. Lemon juice and salt finshes it...


MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

one word answers? impossible for you. and me. :)

i heart mexican food. and korean, thai and vietnamese. and italian. and french. and greek. i'm a foodie, for sure!

can't wait to see you wednesday!!! woot wooot!

Emily said...

Fun list! i'm going to try this, but not sure about the one word answer either.

Karen said...

Thank you for coming by and leaving me an encoraging word. It breaks my heart that there are all these mothers that have carried losses in their hearts that I may have passed in the grocery store and in the mall. I never knew, but now I do. My heart is still tender, but God in His tender mercies is allowing me to find others (or they find me) to help me in this journey. Thank you for finding me=) I have been humbled and amazed at the support that has been so freely given to my hurting heart=)

Susan said...

Hi Leanne, what a great privilege to meet you today. I am so glad you are blogging again. I was just getting to know you when you stopped. I loved your transparency today. You are a beautiful woman! Putting your blog in my reader right now!

Donna said...

I enjoyed reading your list! Hope you have a great day!

Duckygirl said...


Alexis is just down the street from Powell books....going to both places in one night would make a great date! :)


Susan said...

Leanne, take an 81/2 x 11 paper, heavier is better for stability. Ont he short side, find the center buy folding it in half and making a tiny crease. Then fold each corner in to meet in the middle and make a point. Then take the long side of the paper and fold towards the middle, like the beginning of a paper airplane. Then fold the opposite short end up towards the point. Make good creases. When you turn it over you have the banner shape. Then I just cut the decorative paper with decorative scissors, glued on front. I typed my letters on the computer, found the right size and font, printed them on another monotone but decorative paper, cut to size and glued on top. I used jute string to hang it on. You hang it on the fold, and I taped the backside down. Pinking sheers and fabric create the little ties in between. Have fun.