Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What Am I Doing Wednesday

Today I....

~got those apples made into Caramel Apple Butter.  My house smells fan-TASTIC!

~found out that, to mail my son's package First Class, would cost $70!!! Um, methinks we are not going that route!

~am feeling really tired and rundown and am giving myself permission to be lazy.

~have talked to Mother twice.

~taught Fourth Daughter how to count by 5's.

~have only checked in on Facebook twice!

~have fed Seventh Daughter three times.

~brought my favorite blankie out to the living room with me and bundled up in it this morning.

~did language with Second Daughter.

~answered baking questions for Oldest Daughter.

~admonished Fourth Daughter to stay on task and stay focused no less than three times.

~took Third Daughter on a short errand.

~made pumpkin biscuits for breakfast.

~Helped Sixth Daughter pick a miniature punk-pin out front.

~meditated on the Word.

~washed two loads of laundry.

~read a couple of blogs.

~cleaned up the kitchen.

~made Husband lunch and made his breakfast.

~Prayed with Husband.

~watched Second Daughter do a beautiful job teaching her three younger sisters.  She really is a super teacher.

~eaten once.  Had a 4 oz Big Train.

Okay.  That's some of what my day looked like.....and it's not over yet!

I love my life!!!!!!!!  


MarshaMarshaMarsha said...


Pumpkin biscuits? Please share. As in save your $70 and spend a few bucks mailing me some.

Or not. And just share your recipe.

You have lots of daughters (duh). You are blessed. Very much so.

Devin said...


When (and if) you get a minute, I would love that caramel apple butter recipe...I still have apples and I'm dying to make something new!

Thanks friend.

The Morris Family said...

I love the smell of Fall, I bet the apples were a wonderful aroma!! Sounds like a profitable day and blessed to be doing ALL those things with people we love!!!

Thanks so much for always stopping by....


MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Just thinking about you today, Leannie-Loo!


Renata said...

What a lovely day. That caramel apple butter sounds delicious - YUM! Would love the recipe as well!

Leingang Family said...

Yeah, we have to get together again soon! Your days sound so much like mine, but we should fit some time in to "play". Hey, you could bring your kids, too! :o)