Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Good Day

It's been a good day today....a day filled with all the sounds of my family, and to me, that's a good day!

Here are some of the things that I've heard today:

The rush of the shower as children got clean.

The cooing of a content, joyful baby as she claps, dances, and plays the piano.

The impromptu, beautifully soft singing of girls at the table listening to Steven Curtis Chapman. Earnest voices raised in song is quite pleasing.

The fresh, sweet sounds of little women playing a very elaborate game of dolls.

The bright ring of the phone announcing that Daddy was calling.

The deep, smooth murmur of Russell's voice as he read to Sofia in the other room.

The low, dulcet tones of my Sofia as she leans into me, cozy and snuggled, and tells me she loves me.

The trilling of the oven timer telling me the apple pies are done.

What did you hear today?


The Morris Family said...

this morning around 6am, i heard a sleepy 3 yr old sleepily strolling down the hallway and then feeling her way around the bed to crawl up in the bed with me, once she was all snuggled in, she said with her tiny hand laid on me, "I luv u so much!"

THAT made my morning!!!!

thank you for checking in on us, I do not take it for granted those that stop by and take a few moments to say hi!


Katie said...

Such sweet sounds!

Mamasita Chimichanga said...

Thanks for coming over and leaving a a comment on my blog! It's nice to "meet" another mama with a BIG clan of her own... AND she seems to love her job as much as I do! =)

Your children are adorable! What precious gifts you have been given!

Have a wonderful Monday!
Kacy =)

Alison said...

I wish I heard my oven telling me apple pies were done!!
Heading out to a U-pick orchard tomorrow to glean from what's left for free!! There should be pies after that!
(I wish I could tell you where I came from, but I've been bloghopping for about an hour and I can't remember, LOL!)

Renata said...

What lovely sounds! I love the sounds of children playing & doing things around the home (guess it's a good thing we home school then!).