Wednesday, October 14, 2009


See the moon!
How it sparkles
on the water so fair!
Rest, my little one,
drift off without a care.

The beams
how they glitter
and shine so bright.
Close your eyes
I'll be here
to watch through the night.

Sweet dreams, tiny one
is what I pray for you.
Snuggle down, cuddle up,
till the morn
is fresh and new.

And the moon, all the while
will smile and play,
ever steady
always waiting
for the sun to warm the day.

Baby love, don't you fret
for the Lord He holds you tight.
Close your eyes
and do not fear,
for the Lamb of God is light!

The sun and the moon
they dance at His command,
so sleep on , dear heart,
He cradles you in His hand.

Copyright 2009 by leeswords.

Dedicated to Lucie Lynn Gilchrist on October 2, 2009.  Written at Willow Grove Beach.  Photo of Lucie courtesy of Emily Heinl.


Sweet Annabelle said...

Wow! That is beautiful!

Christine said...

Beautiful poem but a more beautiful baby girl. I love those cheeks. They look so kissable. :)

Renata said...

What a beautiful poem & a gorgous baby!

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

So sweet and precious.