Friday, August 1, 2014

The Rodeo, Part 1!

Last weekend, we all went to The Fair and Rodeo.

Now, before you quit reading this post out of boredom, just know that, for our family of 11, doing things like going to movies and sports games and the fair are almost impossible due to the cost of tickets for all of us.  The money that would be used to go places and do things like bowl or go out to frozen yogurt for all of us could actually start a small country! I mean that!

But last weekend, it was Hannah's 17th birthday weekend, and she loves to go to the rodeo every year, but this year she decided she wanted to go to the fair too.


The thing about Hannah is that she's very organized and she had told us months ago that she wanted to go to the fair too this year.  This gave us time to save money, which is something that we just don't do a lot of in our family!!! Ha.

We love our local rodeo.  Hannah is a cowgirl at heart, as is her sister Samantha, and somebody told Dave that if we went on Saturday afternoon, we'd save $90.

HUH??? Okay.  That's awesome.

So we went on Saturday afternoon instead of Saturday night. It was a relief to go during the day, because the evening show is when the whole entire county comes out for the rodeo and the stands are packed like sardines and you're rubbing elbows with people you've never seen before, and maybe never want to see again….

I digress…..

Anyway, here's some pictures of our fabulous, fun day at the rodeo and fair!! We got to the rodeo at 12:30 that day and didn't get home until 10 PM!! I sat next to Samantha, who is a very knowledgeable horse woman, and she and I talked about each horse as it came out, and that was super fun! She definitely knows her stuff from studying horse encyclopedias and books when she was younger.  We loved the parade of flags.  Each of the sponsors had a flag, and horse women ran each of those flags around the arena.  I have to say, I saw some of the most beautiful horses that day!

So, without further ado, here we go!

The view from our seats in the grandstand of the ferris wheel and the vomit comet

Jack's first rodeo.  Even though his day was really, really long, he did splendidly and he was so good.

The youngest girls.  Look at Pennie! I wonder what she's looking for…..

The rodeo "clown".  He was hilarious! He tried to make it seem like he didn't have a clue what was going on, but this fella is from Okanogan, which is Rodeo Country, and he totally knew what he was doing.  He was a small, wiry horseman himself and he wasn't annoying like your typical rodeo clown. I liked him!

Some of the older girls.  It was hot but there was a really nice breeze and we got to sit in the shady part of the grandstand.

Daddy.  And the beautiful view in the background.  It was such a gorgeous and vivid day!

This is Kellie, before the rodeo started.  She likes to take serious pictures of herself, for some reason!

We had the most fun we've ever had at the rodeo and fair this year.  It really was a fantastic day.  I'll post more pictures of the fair, including pictures of Pennie riding rides for the very first time, and the girls going on their favorite ride, the Typhoon.  I myself would never ever go on the Typhoon, but apparently the girls loved it because they went on it at least 4 times!!

Do you have a fair or rodeo in your town? Do you go to it? Tell me about it!!

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