Wednesday, December 12, 2012

More Thankfulness

I'm still thinking about all of the things I'm thankful for.

Yes, even in this shadowy forest I'm walking through, I remain thankful.

Some days I can't stop crying because I am so humbled and grateful and thankful.

I feel so sensitive to all of my blessings and the things around me that bless me.

So I want to share them with you!

  1. Perhaps it's a bit superficial and petty, but I'm thankful for chocolate.  Especially in the Christmas season, I'm thankful for fudge.  I've had a couple of pieces of exceptionally good fudge lately.  And if I start craving chocolate, I'll have a small bit of Guittard chocolate chips.  Their milk chocolate chips are really the best I have ever had.  And their semi-sweet chips? Heaven! I like to eat the really good stuff because the better the chocolate is, the less of it I want to eat.  Indulging in a tiny bit of the super good stuff is so much more satisfying!
  2. Our Christmas tree this year is absolutely gorgeous.  I'm so thankful to be able to look at it! It's a big event in our family every year.  The kids start talking about going out and getting our tree in early November.  We go to a tree farm near us in the hills.  We've gone to the same farm for as long as I can remember.  I wasn't able to go this year, but I waited at home in anticipation while the rest of the family was tromping around out there sizing up each tree to find just the right one.  And when they brought it home, it was beautiful.  And it is decorated to perfection.  Oh, it's not a designer tree.  It isn't chic or sophisticated.  All of the ornaments don't match and it's random, joyful colors.....but it's wonderful to me!
  3. Being able to get out and about again a tiny bit is refreshing.  I don't last very long yet and I get tired real easily, and riding in the car makes me a bit light headed still, but I'm glad to be able to participate in the fun things that my family gets to do this season.
  4. We went caroling with some other families from another church Tuesday night.  It was amazing.  There were so many families and most of those who were there were young people!! We went to some of the less swanky and elegant nursing homes and care facilities around here and it was a blessing to see smiles and light on the faces of those who usually get forgotten at this time of year.  
  5. I'm so thankful that our van is fixed.  It had to sit in our driveway for a couple of months and we drove Daddy's work car a lot.  You know, the car with no power steering and no speedometer? Yep. Hot! I took Dave to work every morning for a lot of weeks and when we'd go to church, we would take two trips to get everyone there! We couldn't go on any trips or events because we couldn't all ride together.  So now it's good to have my van back!
  6. We've had lots and lots of love and hugs and cards and meals showered on us in the past two weeks, from our church and from another church that we aren't even members of. The families at that church just love us, and they showed it by rallying around us during this last 6 weeks.  I remain deeply amazed and so humbly grateful for these people.  From heating pads to devotional books, to gluten-free pretzels and home canned pickles....there was a bottle of specially made essential oil to make my healing easier.....there was a dear friend who brought my favorite coffee oldest daughter made the very BEST broth I have ever had the day of my miscarriage.....and the friend who brought an emergency supply of pads and toilet paper when pay day was still 5 days away.....and the specially selected peanut butter cups.....and the hugs....and the shared tears....and the rides to the midwife an hour away.....I will never, never forget!!
  7. My husband's protection and care of me is so sweet and so romantic and so special.  He shows that he loves me in those ways.  From bringing me my favorite blanket in the mornings when I'm in the recliner, to mixing up my morning nutritional drink, to making sure I take my iron pills....he is one in a million and he's ALL mine!
  8. Seeing my oldest daughter and my youngest daughter playing together never ceases to make me smile and laugh and even cry sometimes! Hannah's going to be 16 this summer and she wants to play with her littlest sisters.  She's so fun and they love her!
  9. Pennie is sleeping SO good at night! There was a time when I just didn't think she would sleep much past 6 AM.  She sleeps so well that this morning at 9 I had one of the girls go check on her because I thought she should have been up by then! I'm thankful that I get to sleep at night.
  10. I finally was able to go and get a good haircut Tuesday afternoon.  I simply adore the gal who does my hair! She knows just what I like, and it felt so good because she really pampers me.  My hair was getting really long and bushy and my bangs were down past my chin! I felt slightly reborn after the nice haircut! It's interesting how little things like a $15 haircut (that should cost $40) can make me feel so thankful....
  11. I'm so glad my 9 year old daughter, who is on the cusp of turning 10, still wants to snuggle with me and have me tickle her arms and run my fingers through her hair! I will remember those moments always, and think of them when she stands before me as a 16 year old.
  12. And lastly, I really am thankful for my life and my breath and being able to put my hand on my chest and feel my heart beating.  I am so grateful that I didn't die on the bathroom floor two weeks ago.  I'm so glad I get to spend Christmas with my children! Everything's new and fresh to me right's almost like the innocent wonder of a child.  My life and the fact that I'm still living is not something I take for granted and I'm constantly thanking the Lord for sparing me.
I hope you enjoyed reading my list.  It's a good time to take stock and make tangible note of what you're thankful for!


Renata said...

Hi Leanne
I love your list my friends. I've been really sick & one thing I'm thankful for is being healthy again & also celebrating this time with my family too!
Love & prayers your way
Renata :)

Susan said...

I loved your list. It sounds like things I am thankful for. The little things in life I think are sometimes teh most important ones to us mommas. My favorite is the Christmas tree. I love our mismatched ornament tree and wouldn't want it any other way.
You sound really good in this post.

Erin said...

Loved the list, and I'm so happy to hear about the amazing support system on your life. Such a blessing. :)