Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pain With No Purpose

Yesterday, the girls and I were doing "The Body Book", which is a reproduceable book with drawings of the different systems of the body that the kids cut out while you teach. We pretty much love this book, it's by Scholastic, and I really do recommend it. (before ya'll go beating yourselves up because you think I'm the perfect teacher and I'm so on top of things, let me tell ya, we do this book about once every, oh, pink moon, so don't be thinking I've got it all together!!!!!)

We were learning about the skeleton, and while the girls were cutting and taping their skeletons I was naming each bone (yeah, I'm kind of an expert on this, since I DID take anatomy in HS and did love learning all of the 50 letter words for different stuff, uh huh, yeah, expert, yeah, that's me!) and came to the knee cap, aka the patella, and I was telling the girls that I had dislocated both of my knees and that it was just painful.

I said that childbirth was pain with a purpose, but a subluxated patella was just pain without a purpose, when Hannah looked at me and said:

"Maybe the purpose was to teach you to be more careful, Mama."

Out of the mouths of babes.........



Christine said...

Yes..... they always think of something we don't. :P

Duckygirl said...

Well, she's a clever little whippersnapper now isn't she? (is it weird that typing that made me feel old?)


Renata said...

LOL - that's so funny! But dislocated patella's sure isn't.