Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Still Here

I'm still here!!

I just wanted the two people who read my blog to know I'm still here!!

I've thought of posts, then rejected or forgot about them.

I'm wanting to post every other day, and want to make it a mix of things, from serious to contemplative to random....

I'm planning on taking you two readers on a spectacular and breath-stealing tour of my home.  My home is waiting to be featured in Poor Homes and Nonexistent Gardens magazine! Yes, it's as exciting as all that!

For some randomness, I painted my fingernails the other day, for the first time in like 15 or more years.  I went all out and painted them a Sally Hanson Ruby Red Diamond Hard color.  I love it.....but for a mama with 8 kids and a busy day, it isn't that practical! However, I did it anyway and the girls were overwhelmingly wowed by my nails! Pennie sits on my lap and strokes my nails and murmurs.  

Pennie is going to be two years old tomorrow.  Be still my sobbing heart! These two years have streaked by! She's out helping Daddy and the kids form out our first-ever garden.

The fabulous house tour that I intend to take my two readers on will include pictures of my not-really Master Bedroom, as well as our one-and-only, fantastic and failing Bathroom For Ten People! You won't want to miss out on getting a glimpse at our only bathroom.  It will wow you and intrigue you!!

We're having a rare blue sky sunshine day here, and Daddy, who is extremely efficient and never, ever wastes a single moment of any day, has everyone out back, priming the ground for the garden mentioned above.

I'm taking the rare moment when everyone is occupied and out of the house to read a great author my son recommended to me.  

My son is my sweetie pie, and even at almost 18, he melts my heart! He's so gallant toward me......last night, while watching a random episode from an old season of American Idol, he told me I was so much prettier than any of those gals on the show!! Sigh.  What a charmer he is!!

And on that note, upon hearing that he is the only boy in our family, everyone always asks if he goes crazy or they say, "Poor Boy!"  Kind, bemused people always speculate on what a good husband he'll be.  If he treats his wife half as well as he treats me, he's good to go!!

Daddy is off this week.  This means little except that he is a vague presence in our home as he works gruelingly and diligently on music projects.  Maybe we'll get one Family Day out of him before he goes back to work!!

So, there you have it! I know my two readers are tantalized and curious about the upcoming fabulousness that will become my blog! Thanks to the two of you who I hope are still hangin' in there with me~~I appreciate and love both of you!!


Renata said...

Hi Leanne
Lovely to catch up! Oh my home could be featured in those as wells ~ the 70's/80's decorations are so uninspiring~ sigh~ we are changing them....it all just takes time....
Hope you are going well & good on you for painting your nails ~ I haven't done mine in ever so long (as in years).
Have a wonderful day

Susan said...

Wow I can't believe Pennie is going to be 2 tomorrow. I remember when she was born, but then again my little guy will be 2 on March 3rd so what am I thinking. time sure does fly. Now that you said that about painting your nails I can't remember the last time I painted mine. Maybe I will have my girls give me a manicure.
Can't wait to see a tour of your home.
Have a blessed week, Susan

Tesha said...

Love the update! How fun to have hubby home for a week! I would love that my husband is self employed so it is really difficult to take time off. Look forward to all your home fabulous tour:)